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This is my first time to plan a Christmas Party (Boss asked me) What do I ask when checking places?

I have X-amount, and it's for X-people.

I am wondering if I go to a restaurant to check it out to have party there, what will they want to know ( other than date, money, and people)??

What kind of questions should I be asking them?

Do most places that have a back room or banquet room charge for the room? Is there usually a deposit?

How about food? Do they usually want us to order off the menu? Or might there be a "limited menu" type deal? Do they sometimes do a buffet style? Does it depend on the TYPE of restaurant?

What are some questions I should be asking myself? To figure out what I want??

As you can see, I seriously need HELP! So if you know the answers to ANY of these questions, PLEASEEEEEE answer this.


PS-the party will be small, 20pp, the budget is small-$500, so a party planner is NOT an option.


PPS- There will be no alcohol at all.

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    oh boy, $500 is not alot of money for 20 people. i take it that you are not getting alcohol...and maybe not paying for eveyone's food??

    So, in trying to fit your budget here are my suggestions:

    Place for decorations: Dollar Tree, Dollar Store

    Place for food: Costco or Sam's club- excellent party platters, appetizers

    I would check out several places and see what they have in packages. Look at restaurants, hotels and google banquet halls (where do people get married in your area?).

    My best PLACE advice is MUSEUMS and BOTANICAL GARDENS. Gorgeous but might be expensive.

    My best advice is to BARGAIN. Get quotes and offers and then go back to the first place and tell them that they have been outbid and what can they offer you that is better if they want your business.

    THIS WILL always work.

    Also, bars are usually cool with YOU bringing the food as they usually don't sell any. this helps with budget. Do any bars near you have upstairs or back rooms?

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