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Here is a list of Bush's czars they outnumber Obama's do facts make any difference to you?

Abstinence Czar (Randal Tobias)

AIDS Czar (4 Czars: Scott Evertz, Joe O’Neill, Carol Thompson, Jeffrey Crowley)

Bank Bailout Czar (Neel Kashkari)

Bioethics Czar ( Leon Kass)

Bird flu Czar (Stewart Simonson)

Birth control czar (Erik Keroack)

Budget czar (3 Czars: Mitchell Daniels, Joshua Bolton, Rob Portman)

Clean Up Czar (2 Czars: Jessie Roberson & James Rispoli)

Communications Czar (Dan Bartlett)

Cyber Security Czar, Cyber Czar (2 Czars: Richard Clarke, Rod Beckstrom)

Democracy Czar (Elliott Abrams)

Domestic Policy Czar (Karl Rove)

Drug Czar (John P. Walters)

Faith-Based Czar, Faith Czar (4 Czars: Don Willett, John Dilulio, Jim Towey, Jay Hein)

Food Safety Czar (David W.K. Acheson)

Global AIDS Czar (2 Czars: Randall Tobias, Mark Dybul)

Health Czar for WTC, World Trade Center Health Czar (John Howard)

Health IT Czar (David Brailer)

Homeland Security Czar (Michael Chertoff)

Homeless Czar, Homelessness Czar (Phil Mangano)

Gulf Coast Reconstruction Czar, Hurricane Katrina Recovery Czar (Donald E. Powell)

The Aids czar insisted that no country could receive money to fight aids unless they denounced prostitution. Then his name was found in the NY Madams list of Johns who used her service. It is typical of those who claim the high moral ground.



You started your answer with a lie.

"I think" I know you don't think.

Update 2:


Are you a cousin of Joe Wilson the liar.

All the names are there and so are the positions they held but don't let the facts get in the way.

Update 3:


Bush had 4 more than Obama has so far. Facts don't matter to you.

Update 4:

Jack V,

My response to your lie is mislabled as Joe.

Update 5:


The one who frequented prostitutes.

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    They do to me, but I'm not a right winger so there we have it.

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    Mr. Bush never appointed anyone to a czar position except for a couple of people who functioned as advisers only. The name czar came from the media for these people not Mr. Bush and many of them were temporary in their duties as ad visors. Mr. Obama's are doing things to implement governmental policies and doing it behind the scenes with no accountability including spending taxpayer funds to do whatever the hell they want to do. Your political bigotry is showing like Kanye West's jackass manners.

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    I love how the GOP talking points has turned the czar title into Obama socialism policy. The term czar is simply to replace the more complex job title that person has. Czar is not an official title. Presidents have had these "czars" for years.

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    1. they dont outnumber obama's

    2. obama gave his more power, even staffs to help them out with everything

    3. many of obama's czars can make any regulations they want without consulting congress or the courts

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    Show me proof that one of Bush's Czars is a communist, racist like Van Jones. Then the facts might make a difference.

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    I think you hand picked names of any official who answered a reporter's question on any of these subjects and called them "czars."

    Nice try.

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    Good list, but no, I can assure you they don't care about facts. I've posted a lot of facts with sources, they just thumbs them down.

  • Anonymous
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    and which one of them would you compare to van jones?

  • Anonymous
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    Thats nice, so when will Obama be realeasing his list?

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