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looking for gun parts need help finding?

need a complete bolt for mossberg model 183db 410 ga shot gun

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    Numrich has them for about 50.00, but they are in limited supply, so email them first to make sure that they have them in stock.

    Mossberg will not, just as Chevrolet will not have parts for a 1957 Impala.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): 30 years a gunsmith, over 40 as a shooter
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    google "mossberg model 183 parts" and the first thing that pop up will be the correct answer, Numrich (e-gunparts)

    I found this site and it has a ton of info on old mossberg shotguns

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    Try the factory first and then Numrich Arms company also known as

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    Try a local gun shop. They should be able to get one for you.

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