I need help with the midpoint of line segment?

If I dont know the distance of WY but I know the equation of WX and of XY

WX= 7x+8 and XY= 5x+12 and I need to solve for x and the lines have to be equal to eachother, I can't get it right please help.

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  • Jaws
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    1 decade ago
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    Never fear, Jaws is here!

    You have to set the equations equal to each other and solve for x:

    7x + 8 = 5x = 12

    2x + 8 = 12 (I subtracted 5x from both sides)

    2x = 4 (I subtracted 8 from both sides)

    x = 2 (I divided both sides by 2)

    Now plug x back into one of the equations:

    7(2) + 8

    14 + 8


    That means that the length of WX is 22, the length of XY is 22, and the length of WY is both combined, or 44.

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