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What is Twitter??? plz help!?

i have a face-book and i have heard of twitter alot and i wanna know what it is! is it like face-book? what do you do on it?

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    A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, IM, or right here on the web!

    TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter.

    You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself.

    RiotFeeds deliver fresh buzz on your favorite topics to your Twitter account. Use RiotFeeds to track the latest news, blogs and videos.

    Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!

    The easiest and quickest way to share videos on Twitter from your phone or computer. Also, you can share videos in Realtime.

    TwitterBackgrounds is a resource of completely free Twitter backgrounds. With over a thousand backgrounds to choose from, you can easily upgrade your Twitter profile.

    twi5 is a one stop place for all the coolest twitter apps. We aren’t just dumping grounds for twitter apps. Only the coolest and most useful twitter apps are profiled so that twitter users can easily find the best suited apps.

    Just Tweet It was created to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.

    Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on It can also convert links to actual links so that you are sure what link will open. offers Twitter Users a way to brand their Twitter Profile without having any creative know how at all. All it takes is about 5-10 minutes and you can customize how your twitter followers see your profile!

    Real time Twitter feed of celebrities that use Twitter on a regular basis.

    Tweepler Is an easy, more enjoyable way of processing your New Twitter Followers. View a list of New Followers and classify them in one of two “Buckets” Follow (meaning you wish to follow them back) and Ignore (meaning you don’t wish to follow them and want to archive them out of the way, reducing clutter).

    Twitter bio and profile search, even allows you to limit by your personalized followers.

    FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account.

    All you have to do is enter your Twitter login and password, write some text, and attach the document you want to share. So easy! Automatically, your Twitter will display a “tweet” with your message and a link to the file.

    Nearby Tweets makes it simple to find twitterers nearby (or anywhere for that matter). Automatically finds your location and the last 50 tweets near you. Customize your search with a the location, search radius, and keywords

    Find New Twitter Friends.

    Who Should I Follow looks at who your Twitter friends follow to suggest new people. By adjusting the sliders on the results page, you can give greater preference in the ranking to less popular Twitter users, or those who are near you.

    The algorithm is an item-to-item collaborative filter, somewhat similar to how Amazon makes recommendations.

    Browse our free Twitter backgrounds and other resources, get a custom Twitter background of your own.

    Login with your Twitter username and password, upload your music and Twiturm will send out a tweet for you, with a link back to your song, making it easy for all followers to hear your music.

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    It's basically Facebook's wall. You can leave short messages that other see. If you have Facebook, you can already do what Twitter does.

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    It's a micro blog so it's like your status updates on facebook. You can blaste out little bits 140 charters of information at a time.

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    Well basically it's sorta like facebook.

    You can add updates but you can't see photo albums or do anything else that facebook can.

    It's just a list of updates.

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    In Twitter, go to Find People. Put in the persons full name. When you find them you "follow" them and send a direct message to them.

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    its like another myspace you can make updates about what your doin and talk to other friends that have one basically the 2nd myspace

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    go to and find out

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