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My hair is curly, but I want beachy waves tomorrow!?

So my hair is really curly. So curly, that ppl always ask me if i curl my hair! you get the idea. I like my hair....But tomorrow, I want to change it up, and get beachy waves. Can anyone tell me how? Like would I need to straighten it first since it's curly, or something?

Thanks a bunch!!



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    1 decade ago

    this is the technique i use:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    i think that when you use actual barrel curling irons they give you more curls than waves. using a crimping method will give you actually waves.

    i would recommend straightening it so it's a lot less curly but it doesn't need to be pin straight. after that use either of the techniques. if you have longer hair the 2nd will prob take less time. i have short hair so i use the first one.

    finish by spraying a finishing spray or hairspray.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My hair is really curly but when I keep it in the towel longer it dries kind of and makes it more beachy

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