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Scholarships! =] please help/.?

Im a senior

3.7 Gpa

have not taken the sat yet.

did good on psat.

Am 5'3

Half korean half italian

middle name is oh

can write with both hands.

I'm from Brazil

I speak Spanish, Portuguese and English fluently

Read and write korean

State Ga

Income : low(very)

brown hair and brown eyes

Not so sure which field i want to go into, for there are many career choices and not enough time to learn everything I am interest in.

umm. if you know of a site or scholarship that i can get, please give me the site and any info you know =]

Thanks for helping me get to college.

Ps: i am doing my own research and have summited some applications but there are always scholarships out there that I might not have heard of =]


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    There are three kinds of scholarships available right now that you can apply for at the moment. They are need based, grade based, and essay based. I will tell you about each one.

    The need based one is based on the information from the FAFSA form. It mainly effects government grants, work study program, and college financial aid. The form becomes available for the upcoming Fall semester or quarter on January 1 of each year. Each state and college has its own deadline for it to be completed. Missing the deadline can effect how much you receive from it.

    The second is need based scholarship. It is based on what you enter into your FAFSA form. Some outside organizations give it. However, it is primarily given by colleges.

    The third is an qualification essay. They are looking at an essay or specific traits. It can be located by either your high school guidance office or free scholarship search engine.

    I will include some free resources below.

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    To get a scholarship you just need to participate in the Essay contest conducted by now proudly announces the “California InterContinental University 2009 Scholarship Prize Essay Contest” which offers the winner a fee waiver of $3000 on registering for a course at CalU. Since, every participant is a winner and it was decided to offer a fee waiver of $2000 for every unique participant.

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