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whats that number game called starts with a k?

whats the number game where you have numbers 1-9

on a grid 3x3

and the rows have to equal 15

horizontally, vertically, and criss cross.

they have to equal 15 without repeating anything.

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    You're thinking of a magic square.

    Kakuro, sometimes called Cross Sums, is a crossword-looking puzzle where each answer is a series of non-repeating digits.

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    It doesn't fulfill all the requirements, but the closest thing I came up with is KAKURO. I provided a link to the Wikipedia article regarding it.

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    I don't know about K, I heard about this under the name "magic square."

    8 ­| 1 | 6


    3 | 5 | 7


    4 | 9 | 2

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    no clue.

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