i was scammed by a fake sweepstakes, I need advice!?

I'm a 19 yr old full time college student so opening a letter i got in the mail last night with a check made out to my name was very pleasant. the check was for $2,975.15, the letter said that i was a winner in a sweepstakes and i was chosen electronically. It said that my grand total in winnings was $49,000, all i had to do was deposit the $2,975.15 check and send it somewhere else to pay for the taxes of my winnings. of course it looked suspicious to me, but i thought, what do i have to lose? they are giving me the money to give back to them or whatever. so i called the guy "Leo Johnson" today, whose number was on the letter and he said that i have to deposit the check today and call him in two days, then he'll send me my total winnings. I deposited my check today. Afterwards I felt like it was a bad idea, i asked my friend about it and he said that he had heard about a scam just like it on dateline. sure enough i looked it up on google. and it is a scam! should i tell my bank first? is that a good idea? cops perhaps?

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    Bank first but I am sure they already know. The bank usually puts a hold on these type of checks.

    I would then notify your local general attorney and make out a report.

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    Call your bank immediately. Then call the police and ask them who to notify. Do not call 911 but use their regular line instead.

    As long as you haven't given the scam artist any bank information or sent them a check, you will come out of this OK. If you ask nicely, your bank may even waive the bad check fee as long as you haven't spent any of the money.

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    Yes, it is a scam.

    Leo Johnson is goingto ask you to send him some money then that check will bounce.

    The bank is going to charge you a fee for giving them a bogus check you know.

    Call the police.

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    1 decade ago


    what happens is - they take your money that they say is for taxes purposes, but really - they just pocket your money, and dont send you your "winnings" that you never had in the first place

    just tell your bank though asap and have them put a stop payment on it if irt wasnt already taken out of your bank - stop payments only cost like 40$ - but its worth it in your case compared to 3,000$ .. if they did take the money out already, still tell your bank and report what happened


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