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which rappers reference Slick Rick?

by saying one of his lines or talking about him or remaking a song

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    Referencing him:

    "Yo, if he didn't go to jail dunn, she might have been Slick Rick's wife.."

    Cormega - American Beauty

    "I crack your face with the fifth now, rap with an eyepatch like you related to Rick..."

    Sean Price - Amazin

    Saying his lines:

    "Gather round hustlers, that's if your still living,

    and get on down to that old Jig rhythm..."

    "Well in these times, well at least to me,

    there's a lot of rappers out there trying to sound like Jay Z..."

    Jay Z - The Rulers Back

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    1 decade ago

    Jay Z

    Andre 3k

    Rick ross (says hes the new slick rick {yeah right*PHF*})

    Kanye West

    and Chamillionaire

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    i think that Lupe Fiasco dedicated "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" off his album "The Cool" to him. pretty sick song.

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