Creating a Static IP address on my Westell Modem.?

I want to know if when I create my static IP address for my Westell 6100 modem, will I use my old public IP address? I want to start a web site using my computer and some others inside my network. Also when I create my static IP address can I choose any number that isn't in the private IP range and can this static IP be changed?

My internet provider is Verizon and I have a broadband connection. I also have DSL as well.


Yes, I can create a Static IP, I'm looking at the page that says, " Set up an IP address to be your default NAT destination," or my Static IP address.

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  • Adrian
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    1 decade ago
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    You cannot "create" a static IP on the modem, only your ISP can control the IP address it gets.

    Using any private network, will not get out on the network without a router, as private subnets won't be routed by the ISP.

    Best to use some dynamic IP service like DynDNS or DTDNS or NO-IP to create a name, and have it point to your current public IP. These sites have utilities to keep your public IP sync'ed with the DNS name you create on their sites (if and when it changes...)

  • arnie
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    4 years ago

    Westell 6100 Ip Address

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