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what breed is this dog?

i need to know what breed this dog is i have had him for 8 months and i still dont know please help the picture of the dog is my avatar picture

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    It kind of looks like my dog. It looks like Rotweiler and Lab, I really don't know. There is a website called What is My dog's breed. Google it and take the test.

  • Dachshund/Miniature Pincher ( Min Pin ) Mix


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    The pic is small but it sorta looks like a Dachshund/Min Pin mix or maybe Dachshund/Jack Russel mix.

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  • The pictures is small so I can't see if he is tall or short but to me he looks like a shepherd/hound mix maybe.

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    I am going to say that it is any combination of the below:

    Dachshund (long body)

    Jack Russell Terrier (face and ears)

    Min Pin (coloring)

    Mountain Feist (body shape)

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    HOT DOG YUM jking lol wiener srry bad spelling

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    looks like a weiner dog!

    : ) hope this helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    itlook like lancashire heeler breed

  • Lily
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    I'd say doberman or rottweiller mix

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