ladies. how can i be happy with my body?

i'm 14.

i'm so unhappy with the body i was given.

i'm 5'5. i hate being tall. i have small boobs (32B).

i have big, brown eyes, tannish skin, and dark brown hair.

you can't do anything with brown eyes to bring them out more :(

boys don't want a girl to be tall with small boobs :(

i just want to be happy but don't know how..


i want to be able to wear high heels, but i can't with my height :(

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    1 decade ago
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    guess what your 14 and you still have like 4 more years at the least of growing

    32B is really not that small either and you're only 14 you'll probably atleast go up to a C-Cup by the time you're 18

    big eyes can look amazing if you know how to use makeup the right way and it will make your brown eyes pop

    you're only 14 and if your dating guys around your age u i wouldn't worry to much about having gigantic boobs because you're not suppose to yet.

    who says you can't wear heels 5'5" is average!!

    super models such as Hedi Klum and Tyra Banks wear heels and there over 5'5" there actually like 5'10 around there somewhere..

    yeah you might be taller than other people your age but don't let that stop you from putting on some heels girlie

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    4 years ago

    i'm extra gentle in my very own epidermis now (in my 30s) than i became in my 20s and adolescents. Ive learnt to settle for a fashion i seem and that being narrow and pert isn't each thing. Ive had 2 little ones which has taken its toll on my abdomen. My physique nonetheless turns my husband on after 15 years and that's all that concerns to me. the only concern I rather have good now's that i'm gaining weight promptly by way of combating smoking (3 months now - woo me!! lol) and going back on the pill. So i could be happier if i misplaced a touch weight, if in uncomplicated terms so as that my outfits in nice condition me exact lower back!! yet i'm no longer obsessing over it.

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    one you are 14. puberty isn't done with you yet, your boobs will probably grow. 5'5 isn't tall, the guys will catch up in a year or so. your eyes sound really pretty, I have brown eyes too, purple looks great with them. Play up the exotic factor you'll be fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't worry, you're not that tall. I'm 5'7, and I consider myself to be average height. You're boobs aren't that small either. And don't fret about tan skin. alot of people get skin cancer while trying to achieve that look.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you aren't tall, and your boobs aren't that small. this is coming from someone who's 5 feet tall and has 36D boobs, so i'm not even biased. girls your size get asked out all the time, so you shouldn't generalize. you're fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    Who says tall people can't wear heels? They look even better in them.

    And don't judge your boob size, please. Others with smaller chests don't appreciate it.

  • you aren't THAT tall. i know girls who are like six feet or more. 5'5" is what? average? and your bra size is pretty average also. so you shouldn't be worrying WHATSOEVER.

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