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Might get a job at Guitar Center in the Pro Audio department what should I know going in?

I have basic knowledge of DAW's, mics, cables, studio setups, Pre-amps and some MIDI devices but walking in there, I felt really overwhelmed. I'm wondering what should I study up on the most before having my interview? My guess would be focus on the types of Mics, cables, amps and pre-amps and some knowledge of the digital software that they offer? I'm just worried I might end up getting fired just because I'm not some kind of audio Einstein. Anyone who has or is working a Pro Audio job that could give me some advice as to where to put my focus first?


Thank you very much. Your answer was very informative and to the point.

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    Mic pick up patterns, the difference in type of transducers (condenser, ribbon...), the different types of mics, Signal- Noise Ratio, acoustic engineering (matching equipment for studio, stage, or outdoor). Wireless freqs and ranges. Basic music, audio, and processing terminology.

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