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Mosley vs Clottey is now off the tables?

Why in the world did this fight not go through? The rumor is because of the set date... being too close to Christmas times... but why not reschedule it?

What do you think is the real reason?


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    i feel bad for Mosley. he is willing to fight anyone and coming off one of his biggest wins but he cant get a fight and he isnt getting any younger. and Killa from Manila doesnt know crap about boxing.

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    This is almost the same thing about Berto who I thought would be the next opponent of Mosely. I dunno whats goin on but personally I think Mosely just wants to fight either Manny or PBF. I really think that he should schedule himself a fight as soon as possible. He should know by now that he aint getting any younger. Just my opinion.

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    That really sucks! I wanted Clottey to beat Mosley because Mosley is really washed up and old. Cotto already beat him, he is washed up big time!

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    1 decade ago

    well that sux

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