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what brand helmet do you have?

I have a sparx but just out of curiousity im wondering if people have specific brands they favor? also did it come with a dark visor and removable padding?

aaand have you ever dropped your helmet and not replaced it like youre supposed to?

thanks :)


if you have fallen or had an accident howd your helmet hold up?

btw thanks for all the answers guys :)

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    I own a Shoie now


    i had a KBC VR-2, which is a fairly cheap helmet claimed to be a racing lid. But it made alot of noise compared to my new 1 when you are doing speeds greater than about 180Km/h.

    I fell off with my KBC once early on in my riding days and there were large deep scratches all though it and my neck was VERY VERY sore so i would say i hit the ground really hard. BUT i had no money then so icouldn'tt afford to buy a new helmet (mainly cuz i wanted the 500 dollar more expensive bike :P). But i then had a quite bad crash in which i shattered my femur and i have my used KBC on. I hit my head again pretty hard (cracked twovertebraee). the helmet cracked right down the side to the extent that the ambulance just slid it off my head even with the neck strap tight.

    IT held up and did its job perfectly even after the first crash

    SO i recommend it for a cheap helmet


    BTW i had a really cool gold tinted visor which was almost impossible to see my eyes through but i had great vision even at night.

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    I have an Arai, because it's a good fit, and it's comfortable enough to wear for over 500 miles a day.

    It's a matter of personal preference and fit, the best helmet in the world is no use if it doesn't fit you properly.

    You can get tinted visors for the Arai, but I just used a tinted liner, as it's easier to remove and carry when it gets too dark to use a tinted visor.

    Some of the padding can be removed for cleaning, and I believe different sizes are available if the fit isn't quite right.

    I had an accident in my last one and it did what it should, even though I was travelling at around 70 MPH when I hit the road, so I bought another to replace it.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    HJC is my main, full face helmet, and it has dark visor. I like it during the day, but not so much at dusk. The pads are interchangeable for a little bit of custom head size.

    I have dropped it on the ground (doesnt everyone?). And I didnt buy a new one, I dont believe a fall from hand height will hurt it. If so, then imagine how much more the helmet would damage and damage your head too, at a fall from 60 mph! But I did replace it after a wreck, even though it was lower speed. Its supposed to be the internal structure that gets compressed with the force of a major impact, so that it no longer fits tightly against your head.

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    I've owned Arai and Shoei, and really prefer Arai. Helmets are more costly because of the internal parts, and weight is a big difference. You can get new Arai and Shoei MUCH cheaper on e-bay, by the way.

    Fit is the most important to me, as all of the DOT helmets will provide similar protection, and in some instances, the cheaper ($150 range) ones are going to provide better protection. Full face is what I'm talking about.

    Arai fits the best for me, and the face shield doesn't push into my face.

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    HJC is my helmet choice, Full face as well as half shell.

    My full face helmets have all come with clear visors but I always get a mirrored visor for daytime use and use the clear for nights. It has removable padding for easy machine washing. Venting is fair and it is (the CL15 anyway) the quietest HJC I have ever owned.

    We all drop helmets, they should be sent back to the manufactor for an inspection, but almost no one ever does. It is the hairline and micro cracks that you don't see that get dangerous when you need a helmets protection the most.

    Source(s): avid motorcyclist for 40 years
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    I miss my old Nolan N25.

    I wear an HCJ mostly, also have a Fullmer.

    There's another HJC, one of whatever brand HD sells under their name, and a G Force racing helmet hanging around the house. Those are for the wife and kids.

    Dark shields are available, we don't use them. No removable padding.

    I've dropped mine. If that little bump required replacement, I'm better off wearing a knit hat.

    I've come off a few times. The helmet held up well - held up off the ground, that is. It never touched.

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    I have only owned Arai Signet (now Profile) helmets. On my fifth one now. I buy them because they are comfortable for me, fit well, vent OK and I can stand to have it on my head for multiple 10 hour riding days.

    It has removable padding.

    You can get a dark visor for them, though I wear prescription sunglasses instead.

    Yes, I have dropped my helmet, never from more than the seat. I replace my helmets every 5 years. No I didn't replace it when I dropped it. No visible damage and it was only a year away from replacement at that point.

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    I have a GMAX helmet. This helmet fits like a glove. It came with a clear visor, and I bought a tinted visor later. Nope I have not dropped it. Unless you count that little 60mph mishap on Michigan Avenue between Saline and Clinton, but the helmet came through undamaged and even unscratched.

    Ride Safe

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    I wear an Arai XD, a shoei RF800, an Nolan 101, an HJC dirt bike helmet, and on rare occasions an open-face Bell. The Shoei fits me best and is most comfortable. The XD fits almost as well, and has some nice features. Which one I choose depends on how much of my ride I expect to spend over 60mph.

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    I have a Harley open face with a clear face shield and a RJ full face for cold weather.I replace my helmets every 3yrs or so or if they get a good impact.

    Source(s): Been doing this for 31yrs and I ain't dead or brain injured.
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