What can i expect being induced?

I'm being induced Monday which puts me at 38 weeks, and I'm VERY nervous. What can I expect? Any advice, tips or stories?


I'm getting a catheter Sunday to help ripen the cervix, and getting induced Monday. I tested neg. for strep b so hopefully no need for antibiotics.

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    It takes several hours to work, and sometimes can take a couple of days. Don't expect to go in Monday morning and have the baby right off. They started my induction at 37 weeks, on a Friday night, and I didn't have my son until Saturday night. Although, the labor wasn't quite that long. I think my water finally broke around 2 or 3pm and my son was born at 8pm. Everyone is different. It just takes time to get your cervix ready. My induction went perfect, I wouldn't worry, but I would however get an epidural. Childbirth was a piece of cake for me after having the epidural. I couldn't feel a thing.

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    I am also getting induce Monday this is my second time getting induce they will give you an iv and some medicine to help you have contractions and dilate that medicine can make you contract harder if you tested positive for group b strep they will give you antibiotics to get rid of that infection it is not dangerous for you but it can be dangerous for the baby most women get this in infection they don't know what causes it I had it in my first pregnancy.Since this is your first time you might be there for a long time I was in labor for 18 hours so just relax you will be fine

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    Every labor is different. My induction went very well. I was induced at 8AM and had my son at 5:49 that night. With me I didn't feel any contractions for the first 2 hours at 10AM they broke my water and I instantly started feeling the contractions. They really didn't hurt until I got to a 5 1/2 then I asked for the epidural(which isn't bad at all) I had to get 2 because the first one only numbed my feet. I really liked being induced. I'm one of those people who likes to know what's going to happen and when. I didn't like the thought of labor just hitting me out of nowhere. Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

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    it depends.

    since you said your getting the gel to ripen cervix, then it can take awhile.

    once the cervix is ripe, they may choose the drip, or just break your water (depends if you are dialating or not)

    i was induced with my first 2 babies, and had my water broken both times because i was already dialating..

    i went into labour right away, and it progressed very quickly.

    with my son i went into labour on my own, which also progressed very quickly.

    it all depends on your body and how you react to the gel, pitocin etc.

    dont worry, once its over you will forget it all as soon as you see your lil ones face.

    my labour is still 8 weeks away, and im sooo nervous, i get panic attacks just thinking about it, so dont worry, its normal to feel that way.

    and im on my 4th, lol

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    I had this done with my first born its no biggie.They put you on a drip and it is kind of nice to know when you are going to the hospital.You don't have to worry that your doctor wont be available.so try to relax and enjoy the next few days getting ready for your baby.

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