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i dont know wats wrong with me!! HELP?

ok so i got a little over zealous with some substances this weekend. and for the first time i took shrooms. i took a somewhat low dose but had an awful trip. extreem paraniod and anxiety, i lost concept of reality and the worst part was the ppl i was with were getting a kick outta trying to scare me because i would sceam. then two days later i accidentally ODed on niquil. ever since i havent felt the same. ive been distant and get this surreal feeling. also im having servere memory problems. i cant remember what happed like 30 minutes ago and i feel like it ddnt even happen. im very worried. wats wrong. also please email me if you know a lot about mushrooms. (

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    It's the mushrooms man...dont do drugs.

    Source(s): see one of those docotors (not a witch doctor)
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    Drugs can have aftereffects that occur weeks, months, even sometimes years after someone has taken them and thinks they are out of their system. I don't know any specific details about mushrooms, sorry, but it sounds like you're having aftereffects. As far as i know, it will become a lot less severe and eventually stop. Sorry i can't help more. :-/

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    first calm down....okay everything will be okay. next i want you to wrap up the remaining's okay, it's okay...shrooms wrapped? good, now email me for a street address to send them....feel better?

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    doctor? hospital?

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