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I need info about Guinea Pigs? Are they happiest when there are two of them?

How big should the cage be if there are two? Is it really necessary to clean the cage everyday?

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    Guinea pigs are very social and are happiest with company. Humans are great but we don't make the best guinea pigs :-) By keeping guinea pigs with another, same sex, friend you'll be providing tons of entertainment and fun for your pigs. You can't be with them 24/7 and a guinea pig friend will fill that void.

    For two guinea pigs you want a minimum of 7.5 sq ft but more is always better. Don't buy a cage from a pet store as they tend to be very expensive and very small. You can easily build a huge, cheap and easily cleaned cage. By having a large cage you'll keep your guinea pigs healthier by giving them more room to exercise. You'll also make your job a bit easier by making it easier for you to keep the cage clean. Info on building a cage:

    I spot clean my cage daily and fully clean it every 4 days. The daily spot cleans take less than 5 minutes and a full change takes less than 15.

    Before you consider getting guinea pigs please read over this care guide several times, it does a great job of letting you know everything you need for happy healthy piggies.

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    Guinea pigs are a social species and need the company of their own kind. They would never naturally live alone. As someone has already said, human company doesn't make up for another pig because we can't communicate with them properly, and can't be with them all the time.

    You can keep 2 girls, 2 boys, or one neutered boy with a girl. (It is a myth that males always fight)

    Most rescues will have bonded pairs available for adoption.

    Minimum cage size for 2 guinea pigs is 7.5 - 8 sq feet, but bigger is always better. Boys tend to need more room than females (about 10.5 sq feet).

    The BEST cages are c+c cages. They are really cheap and easy to make, can be made any size or shape you like, are easy to handle your pigs, clean out etc. I have used various types of cage and hutch but the c+c wins hands down.

    Cleaning depends on how big the cage is, what bedding you use etc. In a 2x3 c+c (7.5 sq feet) with loose bedding (eg carefresh or aspen) you would probably need to clean out twice a week. With a larger cage (2x4 or bigger) once a week should be fine.

    As I have a large cage (2x5) I use the fleece method. I poop scoop daily (takes like a minute) and do a full clean out once a week.

    For the best guinea pig info check out: (Read the sticky threads in the forum for the best care info)

    Hope this helps!

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    Male guinea pigs are alright on their own, as long as you give it plenty of attention. (don't put 2 adult male guinea pigs together, they fight a lot!) Female guinea pigs are best as a pair because they can get lonely, as long as your buying both of them when they are young because 2 adult females can fight sometimes when introduced to each other.

    The hutch should be as big as possible, either a long one or one hutch split into two with a ramp.

    You only need to clean it out about 3 times a week. Or just clean it whenever it starts to look dirty.

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    the cage should be as big as possible - ideally 3ft x 4 ft but you probably wont get one that big.. it should be scooped a bit every day, but totally cleaned weekly - more if its small

    here is a link

    they dont need to be in pairs if you give them enough attention - always check your local shelter for GP for adoption they will be cheaper than at pet store and sometimes come with free cages.

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