Help here anyone?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok, i really need help here. I made friend with a lady (through penpal internet). she's older than me and is a refugee. it's been only two days or about three and she's asking me to help her out of the refugee camp and go with her to europe...O.O....i'm only 15 though....i understand how painful it is to say no...but how would i say that? i won't want to leave my family and live on teh other side of the world...i'm still to young...i still have my dreams and goals....i love my would i say no in a nice way?


she sent me her pictures and i sent her is she realy going to scam me? cuz i'm underage right now and i can't do anything but talk.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's a scam, that's pretty common to get sometimes in the world of pen palling, especially from a few certain places. Honestly, just ignore anything from her from now on. If it was legit, she wouldn't be asking for such a kind of help just a few days (or even weeks!) after meeting you. Like I said, don't reply anymore and just let it go. Don't worry about the pic it shouldn't do any harm, though in the future you may not want to give out photos so soon into a penpalship. Hope this helps. Take care. :)

  • abe
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    1 decade ago

    ..Doggie, be careful of this friendship you are developing with people in refugee camps. it is usually a scam. I have reported this scheme. the best way is just tell her you are not interested

  • 1 decade ago

    I would just tell her the truth exactly the way you told us (the readers) your pain. :P

  • 1 decade ago

    Aw, that's sweet. and sad. simply tell her you feel so bad and it hurts but you can't! really, just tell her what you told us. tell your parents maybe they can help. good luck! best wishes.

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