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Experiencing eye problems? Help!?

Lately I've been experiencing a throbbing pain near the top of both eyeballs. They're prominent during school and when I'm tired. Often times they occur after, say, I was reading for about an hour or so. Most of the time, they disappear after I sleep at night.

Also, I experience blurred vision in my left eye. The blurriness just comes randomly and appears as if I have a cloud/mist in front of my eye. However, the blurriness disappears after I blink several times.

Are these problems due to stress or am I suffering from more severe problems?

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    i have had the same problem for like 3 years i finally figured out that its because of lack of water and stresss... you gotta drink lots of water..

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    it sounds to me that you are straining your eyes, you might need glasses and if you have glasses they need to be readjusted, maybe to a stronger prescription. I advice you to have your eyes checked so you can rule this probability. Your eyes are one of the most important instincts of your body, please take care of yourself and I hope it does not turn out to be nothing serious. Good luck.

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    I suggest you go to the doctor!you must go to sleep !

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