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What do my body measurements tell about my structure?

hey! im Ciel *reals name*

i am 16.. height- 5'4, weight-116/7lbs.. i was thinking of losing a few more pounds..

but a lot of people have told me that i look weak n skinny!!!! is that a joke.. i just don't get how can i look skinny??

my measurements are like 35-25.5-35.. this is no where near skinny.. isnt it chubby for my height xD???

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    Your weight is great and so are your measurements - which are very symmetrical. You are healthy, and skinny. You are not overweight, and if you lost weight, you'd probably be underweight. I weigh almost 140, and I'm a healthy weight as well (I'm four inches taller than you). Don't worry about your weight. You're healthy.

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    1 decade ago

    It tells me that you are far to worried about how you look to care about important things.

  • 1 decade ago

    thats completely fine. dont worry about it.

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