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OMFG... I won elections for this thingy and this girl whacked me after... what should I do?

Ok, so hey, my name is Courtney, I am 14 years old and yes I am a girl.

Every year at our school, there are elections for the trustee for the grade. I am in grade 10, and I wanted to try out. I would be running against this girl I hate named Jane...

well it is sooo hard to get in. But tis year, there is an added catch. The winner wins a 500 dollar gift certificate to the mall, and since they are the trustee they get tons of free stuff as well!

The 500 dollar gift card was a gift.

I wanted to win so bad! The first stage was just to enter, and i was sooo terrified, but I made it in, and I was against Jane, everyone else, didnt make it. Then I had to have a tight interview. I sit in the center of the room, and 8 people sit around me, and for 5 minutes they ask me questions.... omg it is soooo fuckn scary omg I was like crying before and I was soooooooooooo terrified I felt like throwing up and then I went in and I was soooo scared and they asked me questions soooo fast and I was sooo terrified but I pulled it together and I did incredible and then omg I was ooo hapy!

Jane did really good too.

Today was the elections and everyone was voting. I was sooo nervous and omg I was CRYING at home and my mom was like you will do fine.

I had a feeling Jane will win cuz she had friends on the board of the council and then they might all vote for her or something. So at the ceremony we were both sitting in seats on the stage and I was sooo nervous I felt like barfing cuz i made it sooo far I didnt wanna loose this!

Then Melissa from the council came on the stage and she opened the envelope, she had a smile on her face and said "Jane!" and Jane got sooo happy but then she said "You have lost, congratulations Courtney, you are the new grade 10 trustee and you win a 500 dollar shopping spree for your hard work" adn I was so happy and Lady gaga started playing and everyone was cheering and I was sooo happy and they threw confetti and I went to hug Jane, but she grabbed her purse and hit me IN THE HEAD WITH IT and told me to get way from her..


What should I do?

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    Um, are you a troll?

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    Congratulations!!! She's just jealous...that happened to me after I won my position as was I don't think there's anybody who wouldn't be mad about losing $500 to the mall!!! and Besides if she already d you this is just another reason to. Don't bother with her...there's no need to make yourself do something when you don't want to. And i'm sure alot of people considering that you won. There's no time in you life to bother with her so just treat her like you did before. I hope I helped. <3

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    Wow what a sore loser! If it hurt you I would tell a school offical, if it was just a light smack I would let it go. I'm sure everyone saw it and thought she was an idiot for doing it. Besides you won :) Don't let it ruin your day!

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    she's not a good sport. poor girl.

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    get away from her.

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