Are you pro or con on the Obama health care plan? Why?

im doing a debate fir school and need to find people both pro and con for the health care plan and why. ASAP

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    No one likes to help people on homework on this site, but I'll disclose that I'm pro because:

    1. The way that health care is currently organized, many more people will loose coverage because the costs are rising faster than inflation and wages.

    2. As a necessity, everyone should be able to afford it, just like water and food.

    3. As it stands now, we all pay more for the uninsured since insurance companies just raise premiums to adjust for the shortfall in profits for those who don't pay, but get expensive procedures.

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    I think the plan is unAmerican and unconstitutional. It includes a fine if you don't have insurance. You cannot choose to not have health insurance. It is a tax on existing. If you don't have car insurance you can just not drive or not own a car but if you don't have health insurance you cannot cease to exist. There is no freedom of choice. It's comply or be fined. Obama's plan just breeds more dependence on the government. Soon we will depend on them totally for everything and American ideals will cease to exist. The only good option is having the option to participate or not.

  • 1 decade ago

    What health care plan?

    Obama doesn't have a health care plan. He has only a concept: Affordable, quality health care with access to all.

    Obama, among others, says we will not allow illegal immigrants to participate in our UHC "plan." So why does he keep talking about the 47 t0 50 million uninsureds? That number includes 10 million-plus illegal immigrants! Why isn't the exclusion of illegal immigrants included in any of the bills in congress?

    Our elected "representatives" are playing games with us.

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    I'm against it because it restricts freedom, is not economically feasible, and will do more harm than good. The plan will have the government do the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do. It will not protect individual rights and will punish individual achievement while rewarding non-achievement. One cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. The only way I would support his plan is if he allows people to purchase insurance across state lines and allows people to negotiate the terms of their coverage without government intervention. Government is where people should turn if they have a dispute with their insurance company because the company is living up to the agreement. If government becomes the insurance company, people will not have a venue to address wrongs committed against them.

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