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My Guinea pig has started to bit after 2 1/2 years?

We bought a guinea pig for our son. He was always a friendly thing.

Lately he has not been as nice. My son was holding him one day and he bit his stomach, I thought may be he was a little rough with him. My son is very gentle, but I thought just may be he was not as gentle that day. the next week he bit my husband. He has now bitten our neighbour. My husband said he has nipped him a few times but thought nothing of it...this is a very new thing over the last 6 weeks.

Any ideas why or what I can do. We live overseas where English is not the 1st lanagae. The last time I took him to a vet here they were so horrible to him. They laughed that I had taken him in.

His diet has not changed. We feed him fresh veggies and fruit, Hay and cereal daily. Thanks

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    Believe it or not the only way to stop a biter from biting is to kiss them right on the mouth and cuddle them. They soon figure out that their mouth is for kissing not biting!

    Try warping him in a towel and lie him on your chest while you are watching TV, reading a book or listening to music, guinea pigs love music. St him in your lap while you are on the computer, and carry him about the house as you do your day, i am thinking he just needs a bit more attention.


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    while you at the instant are not anticipating to have them mate dont tempt mom nature. there is not something which would be achieved to over come the powers of her. Breeding a guinea pig too youthful or too previous is extremely risky and you finally end up with a extensive vet invoice and many times loose the mother besides as they are very fragil and don't do properly in surgical operation.this is not a custom to neuter guinea pig's by way of fact of that reason. Is she obese or is she already going to have a muddle? If she is in deed obese merely improve the quantity of vegetables, carrots and culmination which you provide her and cut back down the pellets, yet not for an extraordinarily long term as you do not choose for her to advance into malnourished. She could drop weight at present in case you are attempting this, if not please take her to a vet as she might have a mass or something going incorrect along with her digestive gadget that has it swollen so she looks great. good success

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    Sometimes when a guinea pig is irritable when being touched it can be a sign of mites. Mites are easily treatable at home and the treatment (if given correctly) is very safe even if mites are not present.

    My best advice would be to read over this page with information on mites:


    Even better would be to wander over to the Guinea Lynx forum. The advice of the people over there have helped my guinea pigs live longer, happier lives. You'll find that you will get much better answers and help there.


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    I can't say for sure, but i do have guesses.

    I think maybe your son may have bothered him that one day, and startled him. maybe after that he lost his trust from humans. try to show him love and affection a lot throughout the next week or two. give him a lot of play time and let him run around a guinea proof room (lol)

    Hope i helped

    sorry i didnt give a good answer!

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    im going to sound mean but i would never bring a guinea pig to a vet. its not worth the 400$ bill for a 30$ pet just fore them to say he has a cold...

    however i got a new baby guinea pig last month and she bit a lot! all i did is when ever she bit me i would ether put a finger on her nose or hold he nose depending on how hard she bit me... after 3 days she completely stoped. guinea pigs will often do very soft nibbles but they are just tasting you or kissing you. my guinea pigs will also nibble or lick me if they have to go to there corner to do #1 or #2. hope this helped

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    when you go to pick them up fast they get scared and try to defend themselves now he probubley dosen't have any more trust for humans

    it could also be that u have food o ur hands like when i used to pick my hamster up it would bite me because i had salt on my hands try washing ur hands before every interaction with him

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