Photobucket question. please help! 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

So I wanted to do the whole color thing on black and white. Like 'add a splash of color'. so i picked the color and i did where i wanted the color, but it saved JUST the thing i colored. then i wanted to do that layer thing so it woul be on the same picture, but it wont do i was wondering how to do that. oh and i already did the tutorial and the 'help' button but it doesnt explain it

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    Selective Color (Color Splash) with Photobucket:

    -Open your color image in the Photobucket Editor

    -Select "Effects" >> "Greyscale"

    -Select "Advanced Options":

    ---Apply to: Painted Region

    ---Select "Original"

    ---Mark the box next to "Invert"

    ---Adjust your Brush Size

    You'll see your image in Greyscale (black & white);

    then just use your mouse to paint over the areas you

    want the original color to show through.

    (Adjust your brush size & zoom in as needed.)

    When finished, click "Apply" & then "Save a Copy".

    Here's a screen's easier & makes more

    sense when you see it than it does to read it:

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    start with a color image, copy the imsge to s new layer. convert the new layer to black and white. Erase through the black and white layer where you want the color to show through. easy peasy. Hope this helps ken k

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