strange cat help please?

a week or so ago, my cat got stuck on the roof. when he jumped off, i noticed that his lower lip was so swollen, he couldn't even fully close his mouth. since then, the swelling in his lip has gone down some, but not by a lot. he seems perfectly healthy, and still eats like a pig, but i cant afford to bring him to the vet for them to just tell me its some harmless little anomaly that will eventually go away by itself. i have already checked for any signs of abscess and found nothing. if anyone has ever dealt with something like this, could help me please?


to begin with, i thought he had just scraped his lip or been stung by a bee. if i had thought it was something serious, i would have made an appointment with the vet to begin with. i'm a college student, and while i do have enough money put away for regular vet bills, i don't have enough to rush my animals to the vet every time i turn around. seriously people, if you are going to waste my time with stupid answers such as "if you can afford internet you can afford a vet bill" then please don't bother answering me at all.

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    that happened to my cat his jaw is not broken or he would have big trouble eating an moveing his mouth your cat should be fine

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    Have you checked the center of the swelling, to see if there's a stinger left from a bee or wasp sting? You say you've already checked for abscess, and found none, so my thought would be that he was stung by something.

    Since he seems to be eating okay, then it probably isn't something serious. However, if he stops eating, starts getting lethargic, then you MUST find a way to get him some vet help!

    If you can afford internet service, you can FIND the money to take care of your cat's needs.

    Hope everything works out for you and him...... Good luck.

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    If you can't afford to take your cat to the vet, then you can't afford to own a pet.

    Please call around to several local vets and explain your financial situation. See if you can find one who will do an assessment at a no cost or at a reduced cost. If no one will do this for you, then please consider giving your cat to a no-kill shelter who will give him the medical attention he needs and then find a good home for him. Honestly, it sounds to me like his jaw is broken. A cat's lower jaw is extremely fragile. Please get this taken care of as soon as possible. A cat will not let you know he is in pain unless it's unbearable.

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    You waited a week to question it ? I'm glad he didn't break a leg. He could have fractured his head or jaw, or have a million things wrong, go to a VET.

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    if its not an injury its probably a sting or bite. i dont want to scare u but it could be a tumor. if it doesnt clear up soon i would have it checked by your vet.

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