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what is the difference between pre-nursing and nursing?

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    Pre-Nursing is for students who would like to apply or be admitted into a nursing program (whether at their current school or for transfer somewhere else.) You would take on the general courses needed for a nursing degree: Psychology, Nutrition, A&P, Microbiology, Sociology, etc. You'd probably be working on the general courses only, but depending on the school, you might be able to take an intro nurse course or two. The pre-nursing course of study might take a year or two. Then, upon completion, you would start taking the actual nursing courses. OR, you might be able to then apply to be a nursing major. Some schools require a certain GPA and letter grade in the pre-nursing classes. So, do well in them to help up your chances of being selected into the actual nursing major.

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    Pre-nursing would be right before being a nurse, so you would basically be not doing any of the difficult things that the nurses do but it's like a vocational nurse, who just walks around to see if everything's okay and hand the doctors' tools.

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