I (15, male, freshman) attend a preparatory boarding school on the East Coast. Academics are both challenging and not a concern for me. The sports program is superb.

Unfortunately, I am also very socially awkward, and ugly to boot.

As I walk through the halls, I am laughed at. Still more goes on behind my back. Worst of all is when my peers, mistaking me for an imbecile, condescendingly beckon me to them only to engage in thinly veiled taunts.

Girls obviously are the most hurtful when they do this. My prospects for finding a girlfriend, who would be my first, dim as I embarrass myself time after time with silly faux pas.

This has gone on most of my life (due to the aforementioned awkwardness) but I have only begun to notice or care about it recently. While I have made a few acquaintances, I seem unable to form a deeper friendship, or even know what one would be like. I am utterly alone.

I have tried making friends with several people likewise alone. I have come to the conclusion most of my peers have vis a vis me: no-one wants to be friends with someone who cannot reciprocate.

Please do not tell me things are not as bad as I describe. They are. I would welcome suggestions as to how I can make friends in such a hyper-social environment with few to no social skills.

Thanks in advance.

PS I am involved in several clubs and the music program, so it is not as if I am not branching out. I simply have the same difficulties everywhere.

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    wow you sound like me.. except i am a female. When i got my first job i was forced to be more social or i wouldnt get paid. i was a waitress.. a job helps make friends because you are forced to be around a few people for eigh hours a day. school has a whole bunch of people you can talk to all day. being in clubs never helped me. being akward has nothing to do with making friends though.. I am still akward. I am in college now and people give me funny looks all the time. I learned not to care as much as i did in high school. its helped.. The girl problem date at other schools.. go to ball games.. girls at your school know who you are. go to church i know its a place of god but a lot of girls your age will go there.. boys too if you want to find friends. A church family helps a lot with coming out of a shell they help make you feel less akward. IDK though.. none of this may help but who knows it could.. btw.. dont call yourself ugly.. some of the ugliest guys turn out to be the best husbands.. it doesnt matter how you look its how you treat someone. nice guys dont always finish last..

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    Dude, listen to me.

    I am in your situation, last year I was at a differnt school and was super popular, why I moved back to this **** hole, is a very long story.

    But first of all, go to events outside of school. (like a fair, concert where you mihgt meet other people, then if you do and go back to school youll have a life outside of school and so when people piss you off you can be lik "i dont need you")

    Look into metal, weird old literature, become emo or just try to aact "alternative" and eventually something will happen, (your in HS there should be weird kids)

    When somebody laughs at you in the hall or makes fun of you murmur"wow your a load of ***, your mom should of swallowed" or get in their face and be like "***** GOT A PROBLEM"

    HUmiliate them in any way possible.




    And lastly, you sound like a 50 year old british man.

    Gain the absolute comfidence to just be too cool for everybody.

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