Need a little help with this situation...opinions please?

my ex gf for almost three years and I are going through the motions of break up make up.(for the past couple of days).our problems started earlier this year and since we have broken up 2 times completely, only to come back running into each others arms...she is a bit inexperienced in dating as I was her first major boyfriend(she's only slept with two guys in her life) and I always wonder if she wants to sow her wild oats(although she is not that type of girl).

I'm 23 she is 22 and we have been through college together and traveled, go to parties have fun etc...every time we break up we get back together within a couple weeks...when we break up neither one of us see other people...Now what I am asking is how do I get out this cycle of breaking up-getting back together...we are similar in every way but also have different goals in life...we both love each other ...I was the one who helped her get her first car when nobody else cared(not her mother, brother, uncle) we have lived together(I have two houses) and I take care of all the bill since she lost her job...since year started we traveled three time and had tons of fun...whenever we have an argument she always runs away and tell her mother about our problems...

Now I love this girl and we both said we wanted to marry each other...

last night she came over saying she doesn't want to be in a relationship blah blah(she said this before) but we always ended up back together...

She knows we would have a great future together but she always plays this cat & mouse game whenever we break up...

If I wait two days she calls me and then I offer for us to meet up and hang out, and we always do and end up having sex etc...

Honestly I've had girls open their legs wanting to have sex with me and I just turn them down because I am in love with my gf..

Now am I wasting my time? it always end up with us back together...should I wait?


It's not Co-dependency....

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    Seek professional that you can allow her to be independent.....And for her to learn how to become independent. .....Including combined communication skills......Best Wishes....♥♥

  • 1 decade ago

    first off she sound like a girl instead of a young woman. there is a difference. question is you need to be the adult and see if you want to still play this cat and mouse game with a girl. she just might be mentally young still. good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    read anything on Co-Dependency...It's not going to get better unless you BOTH get help

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