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I'm attempting an OOBE, with no success. Could someone help me out? Details in question.?

Alright, so last night I did some reading about Out-of-body-experiences, and I wanted to try it out. So today, at around 5, I did what my research said, which is to go in a dark room with SOME light, get comfortable, loosen clothing, and then count your breaths. I have heard what to do after the vibration stage, but I can't get there. So I read you should count your breathes 50 or 100 times. I did 200, and then I repeated my name (in my head), which I also heard helps. I got nothing, I did this 3 times today for about 30-45 minutes each. The closest thing I got was, about 3 times during one of my attempts, I got a sudden rush and I felt like me and my bed were zooming forward. This lasted for about 2 seconds. And the other thing I experienced was, on that same attempt, I could still feel my physical arm, but it felt like I could twist my "imaginary" arm all the way around. I hadn't separated so I don't know how that worked. But anyways, do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks in advanced.

PS: There WAS some noise coming from my sisters playing, and their TV, and my Mom doing dishes, this may have affected my attempts, I think it could have because a few times I was a little bit out of it, and I was thinking about being at the mall, then I heard a noise and my sense of awareness grew, and I came back to my room, and I was no longer at the mall.

PSS: This is obviously my first time attempting and OOBE.

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    Part of this is to try and disassociate yourslef from it, one reason drugs are consumed, to help "split" your spirit

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