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Im kind of over spin the bottle and truth or dare, is there anyother games like that?

turth or dare

spin the bottle

would you rather

seven minutes in hevan


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    here are some games

    Lion: she can kneel down while you throw her your meat

    Firefighter: u put her in a abandoned building, lite it on fire, rescue her then get thank you sex

    Naked hide & Seek: name explains it

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    Strip Poker

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    Get a circle of guys or girls or girls/guys a card, and pass it around mouth to mouth by your teeth. If it drops you kiss. Not that thrilling though if it was all girls like it was for me and your not into them, however guys may be fun. Ha no idea what this game is called, name it yourself.

    Source(s): Played it at a party once.
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    marriage behind the door is so fun. message me to see how to play!

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    1 decade ago

    Yes their is

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