Please help interpret this dream?

Ok so me and my mom are in our house and this guy comes and says that he is going to kill us but that he will give us a chance to run and then he left. So my mom is freaking out and we are about to leave and run away only i cant find my shoes. So we think we are about to die and i spend a very long time looking for shoes while she is yelling at me. We get in the car and get on the interstate and drive a long way and go to a hotel, which he finds us and says that he will give us another chance. Then we go somewhere way out in the country and he finds us and says he will give us another chance. And it continues like that until one time he is chaseing us in his car and my brother and his friend(who are really big and strong) are in a car and they pull out of a parking lot and wreck the guy. But he still finds us and he keeps giving us chances. I dnt remember how it ended.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You and your mom are running from a problem that is within you. That's why you can't get away. And if you don't discover and deal with the issue, it might spiritually kill you. Your brother and friend might be physically strong, but the problem is spiritual. Get it?

    Source(s): Jesus loves you.
  • You`re upset your mom`s been criticizing you but you`re a bit guilty because you know she has a point, yet you keep on doing it and you want to stop.

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