Spiritually speaking, could you give everybody who answers this question a compliment?

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    1 decade ago
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    You're all golden in my book.

    Aw crap,everybody put so much effort in,I may return to edit and do you(hahahaha do you) all later.

  • KBC
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    1 decade ago

    Hidden: Your avatar scares me, but in a good way

    Owl: I admire your questions and answers. You also look better than House

    MMMM: Your avatar is appetizing

    Linda Blair: Can't say I know much about the user, but your avatar stands out

    Saint Lilith: Is that you in your avatar? Really looks like Sally. Incredible

    freeze: Your avatar makes me want to give people hugs :-]

    KBelleC: The swimming lessons are really doing you some good. Now swim faster

    Cassie: You are so funny. I love your questions

    Audra B Delight: I love reading your questions, too

    Jayden's ♥Aunt♥: Your avatar cracks me up :-]

    Random Panther Kitteh'sLover: Great coat

    smile!: You have beautiful eyes and it's a joy reading your answers

    Adam: You rock my socks ;-]. I like reading a lot of your questions, too

    Rachel: You are one bold mama. You speak your mind and I'm always impressed by that. It's admirable


    (((Audra & Rachel))) I've been busy preparing to go back to school. When I have time for R&S, it's usually when everyone's asleep or living their alternate lives (work, school..you know, stuff that doesn't matter). Hopefully things will start to settle :-].

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh I so love doing this! :D

    Mr. Owl: You're one of the smartest people on here, and you're hilarious and wonderful. And I must say, you are one hell of an artist. I just adore you.

    MMMM: You look so scrumptious I could eat you up. Haha. I've seen your answers around here and you are just so sweet. I hope you have a healthy baby!

    Linda Blair: Your avatar is turning me on.

    Saint Lilith: If Lilith is your real name, I think it's really pretty. And I'm digging the blue person avatar.

    Freezie: You are so wonderfully amazing, and just hilarious. I simply adore you and you're one of the best Christian's I know :) You're also an amazing poet.

    KBelleC: You are so sweet! And you're so much fun. I feel like I haven't seen you around here in awhile and I miss seeing your answers, you always seem so happy.

    Cassie: My sweet love, my fellow Incubus addict. You are super sexy and absolutely hilarious. You are truly one of a kind and I just adore you.

    Audra: You are hilarious and never cease to crack me up. You and your boobies are so hot, and R&S definitely wouldn't be the same without you. I adore you as well.

    Jayden's Auntie: If I were into older chicks, I would totally do you. I'm glad that you can hopefully retain some of poor Jayden's sanity. You're also hilarious.

    Panther: While I don't know you too well, I've seen some of your Q&A and I think you're really funny. Another good addition to R&S.

    Smile: If I could, I'd live in your pants. You're hilarious and beautiful, and R&S wouldn't be the same without you. I just adore you!

    Adam: Once again, I don't know you too well, but you seem like a really cool guy. And I'm digging the anime avatar.

    Eartha: You are one of the funniest people on here, and I love that you take everything light heartedly (is that a word?). You're also really smart

    ((((Everyone)))) You're all super sexy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    MMMMM is delicious.

    Linda Blair has an insane avatar.

    Saint Lilith also has an insane avatar.

    Freeze is just awesome.

    KBelleC is funny, and is the best looking person without a face that I've ever seen.

    Cassie is very smart, pretty, humorous, and an all around great person.

    Random Pather- If I had a book. you'd be goldden as well.

    Smile's funny, and has large trousers...

    Auddy is like the evil stepsister of R&S, that's why everybody loves her :)

    Jayden's aunt is the most gorgeous person here.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mr Owl is terribly erudire...(and terribly entertaining)

    MMM is decadently delicious

    .Linda Blair is looking good for her age

    Saint Lilith seems a sweet and thoughtful lass

    (((Freeze))) is my bosom buddy...with a heart as big as the great outdoors

    KBellC has the good taste to choose my favourite marine creature as an avatar

    (((Cassie))) is so bright that the light from her hurts my eyes

    (((Audra))) has magnficent boobies and a really good taste in men (and Muppets)

    Jayden's Aunt cracks me up every time I see her answers.

    Random Panther is a high class kitteh

    Smile is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen...and funny to boot.

    Adam of the wired has taste and style

    Rachel Marie can take a joke eally well and has a heart of gold

    Source(s): Wow...wish I'd got here sooner....that was a lot of typing for this early in the day!
  • 1 decade ago

    I'll do my best.

    Mr. Owl- Has great taste in Candy and Television shows.

    MMM- Is very sweet to share with her/his cake with us.

    Linda- I would be more than happy to. Great movie by the way.

    Freeze- Thank you. I was named after the succubi/ goddess.

    KBelleC- You are obviously far braver than I am. Sharks freak me out.

    Cassie- Thank you. You have great tastes yourself. This was my favorite Halloween Costume. The make-up took forever to get off.

    Audra B Delight- I love your icon. I'm a big fan of the Disney princesses.

    Jayden's Aunt- Your avatar makes me smile. It reminds me of my grandmother.

    Random Panther- I'm honored to be in your golden book.

    Smile- I like your hair. It's very pretty.

    Adam- Is your Avatar from Serial Experiments Lain? I love that show if it is.

    Edit- KBelleC- That's me dressed as Sally for Halloween. And Thank you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love this

    Hidden- alluring eyes and great question!

    Owly- R&S legend and I'm happy to be on a boat w/you anytime

    MMMM- funniest preggers here!

    Linda Blair- eh nice puke?

    Saint Lilith- lovely makeup

    Freeze- sexiest R&S eslut and I love you and want to have your ice babies.

    KBelleC- so very sweet and I miss you

    Cassie- R&S sweetheart you are the best! I always love seeing you here

    Jayden's Aunt- I think we know each other but I'm not sure

    Panther- funny and smart panther

    Smile!- my neighbor, has sex w/her principle and is funny as hell

    Adam- asks some very thought provoking questions

    Rachella Maria- I just adore you. You're very bright and so sweet. =)

    More to come...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like complimenting people! :)

    Mr. Owl: You are a smarty-pants :D.

    MMMM: Your avatar looks tasty.

    Linda Blair: Erm.. I've never seen your work :/.

    Saint Lilith: Your makeup is SO amazing!! :)

    Freeze: I <3 you, you little twerp :D.

    KBelleC: LOL Your new avatar is so cute! I love it!

    Cassie: You are a beautiful lady. Seriously!

    Audra: Audra is a pretty and funny muhfuckah! :D

    Jayden's Aunt: You are gorgeous.

    Panther: You are golden in my pants :).

    Adam: You are a silly man :).

  • freeze
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago


    you are so smart and witty! and also very cute hehe <3


    your avatar is among the most delicious ive seen!

    ((linda blair))

    exorcist was a good movie!

    ((st lilith))

    i've always liked the name lilith. reminds me of succubbi


    your avatar really draws the eye!


    you are so fun and silly, and a lovable person! as well as super hot <3


    you are also super hottt!!!! not to mention awesome, and one of my favorite ladies in this whole place!

    ((jaydens aunt))

    if it werent for you, his mommy would have turned him into a nazi. thank you so much for protecting little jayden from her evil hands!!

    ((random panther))

    anyone who has love for the kitteh's is okay in my book <3


    you are the definition of femme fatale`. another favorite hottie lady of mine! :D


    i like your avatar!

  • (((Owly)))- You're the sexiest owl in this damn place!

    MMM- You're sexy and chocolatey

    Linda Blair- I totally want you, that vomit really brings out your eyes.

    Saint Lilith- I was Sally for Halloween one year! You have excellent taste, if I do say so myself.

    (((Freeze)))- You are the sexiest freeze in this damn place!

    KBelle- I love the new avatar. That shark really brings out your eyes :]

    (((Audra)))- You're the sexiest Audra in this damn place!

    Jayden's Aunt- You are so lovable

    (((Panther)))- You're the sexiest panther in this damn place!

    (((Smile)))- You're the sexiest smile in this damn place!

    Adam- I don't know you too well, but you always seem pretty awesome to me.

    (((Rachel)))- You're the sexiest Rachel/Mrs. Owl in this damn place!

    (((Eartha)))- You're the sexiest Eartha in this damn place! Plus you and T are constantly turning me on with your cake talk.

    ((((everyone)))) thanks so much, you're all so sweet! Sorry for my crappy compliments, I have a killer headache.


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