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What to do about my yellow labs fat pocket on his face?

My yellow lab is 7yrs old, going on 8. He has had a small fat pocket on his face for the past few months, it has gone through stages of getting bigger, then shrinking back down to its original size. But, this evening, within a few minutes, it has grown bigger than ive ever seen. HUGE. Covering a forth, maybe even a third of his face. We took him to the vet a couple weeks ago and they said that it was a harmless fatty pocket very common in labs (i was familiar with this and knew but wanted to give him a check-up just in case). But, that was before it grew so BIG! I've seen them before (with other peoples dogs) but never on the face. It is pushing into his eye socket and you can tell it is very uncomfortable to him. Any advice? We are debating going to the vet in the morning.


Oh, and i was reading how fat pockets are "moveable and soft" but his is hard and stiff. I wasn't sure if it was just cause its on his face where there isn't as much fat, but it it's a "fat pocket" you would think it'd at least be soft, right?

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    I would go ahead and take him back to the vet. Could be a tumor.

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    Take him back to the vet. You might even want to call tonight and see whether this might be an emergency, seeing as it's close to his eye. Something has changed. I just had surgery on my dog for a cyst which had ruptured and grew very quickly. It was benign, we found out after lab tests.

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    Is it a fat spot or a tumor.He is an older dog and sometimes they get tumors It may not be but yea I would take him to the vet.Good Luck

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    Have the fat pocket removed...

    If your vet won't handle the job. Find another vet who will.

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