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Wireless internet does not work using an extension cable (ADSL)?

I've recently moved into a new house and just had wireless broadband installed. Its a tall house and my laptop cannot receive the internet from my bedroom (top floor), presumably as there are too many walls/ceilings between me and the router.

We bought a longer ADSL cable and put the router on the middle floor but the router doesn't receive any internet when set up this way. There doesn't appear to be anything different in the set-up other than the longer (20m) cable. What could be wrong?


I plugged into a phone and the dial tone is fine. I wish I was an expert on computers, it would save so much of my time

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    Too much high frequency loss in the cable, the cable is passing some noisy wires, the cable is defective (if you plug in a phone instead of the modem, do you get a dial tone?) - you really have to trace the signal to see what's happening, and listen to it to see if the extension is picking up anything it shouldn't.

    Source(s): I do this for a living
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