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What do you think about the Zenith STOL CH 701?

I really like the idea of this plane. I hate to say it, I think I am more into the idea of building it, than flying it. I have too many young kids to think about flying seriously, but I am thinking about building this plane in the next few years for fun.

Instead of buying one of the kit packages, I am thinking about building or buying all my own tools to cut it all out, and slap her together bit-by-bit. I doubt I will finish because a huge project, but out of all the kit planes, this one is the most interesting.

One thing did catch my attention. Supposedly there are several hundred thousands built since the late 80's, but only a handful have crashed. That seems to suggest that they might be really well-designed planes, because I noticed all the other models of Zeniths have their fair amount of crashes on NTSB.


The CH601 is a totally different design, and not even close to a 701. The 601 is a low-wing, the 701 is a high-wing, that looks similar to a Cessna.

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    It looks butt ugly but otherwise it seems like a good airplane, if you live near any kind of ranch or farm you could fly it right into your backyard, can't beat that.

    Edit: to cherokeeflyer that is a different model of the same manufacture.

  • Edit: Correct you are guys, I read 601 for some reason, then thought to my self " that is the one that the FAA has instructed their Inspectors to stay out of yet have not grounded yet"> Sorry for the confusion.

    "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal safety officials want the Federal Aviation Administration to immediately ground a type of small sports aircraft, saying six of the planes have broken up in flight in the past three years, killing 10 people.o the FAA, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board says there is "substantial circumstantial evidence" that aerodynamic "flutter" preceded some, if not all, of the fatal accidents, and that more accidents are likely to occur if action isn't taken.

    Flutter is a condition in which airflow around the plane causes unsafe structural vibrations. The vibrations can quickly cause the plane to break up if it is not sufficiently dampened, the safety board said.

    The aircraft involved is the Zodiac CH-601XL, a single-engine, two-seater that was designed by Zenair Inc. It is built by various manufacturers and also sold as a kit.

    In making its recommendation, the safety board said it reviewed six fatal accidents, including crashes in Spain and the Netherlands, and said flutter is the likely cause of the accidents. The board said it also considered other incidents that did not result in deaths.

    The NTSB said two other countries, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, have already grounded the aircraft."

    The flutter issue is supposedly addressed, but I would not bet MY life on it!

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    last time i checked, some types of zenair were grounded by manufacturer due to attrition breaks or what.

    apart from that, i like the design.

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