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I feel like crying- I'm so stressed out and my friends..ugh?

High school sucks.

I'm all stressed out.

I mean, we had this stupid substitute that gave us Algebra I's homework for thursday, friday, and monday and it's all due tomorrow! It took me 5 hours to finish it all, It's just rediculous.

My teachers hate me because of my friend. I was doing my work at my desk, not talking to anyone- then the teacher leaves to make copies of something in the library. My friend comes over and starts talking to me and being loud and everything, I keep asking her to go away because the teacher is going to come back soon. Then the teacher comes and my friend is still trying to talk to me. So then she starts yelling at the BOTH of us! I wasn't doing anything!!

Now my other friend is ditching me for the popular crowd. She sat with them at lunch today, did work with them in Science, and when we had ELA they all worked together on a project.

I mean, I just hate high school. People say it's better than middle school but it's worse! I feel like crying now. The amount of homework is ridiculous, the teachers hate me because of my friend, and now my other friend is ditching me for popular people!

Poll: How was your day? hopefully better than mine..


I'm not Emo.


I'm just stressed out.

You trying going through high school with a dumb @ss substitute because your math teacher is sick with swine flu.

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    my day sucked. i'll copy and paste my answer from another question because i don't feel like typing it again...

    it's my third day of attending my new school. it's only a town over, but still.

    everyone there is terrible. the girls refer to me as "the sIut with the kid" and they give me nasty looks and talk about how i sleep around and get with everyone and how i'll probably have fcked the entire football team at that school by the end of my first week there. really nice people right? first of all, the only person i've ever had sex with is my boyfriend so these people need to get lives and stop making up rumors about mine.

    all the guys refer to me as "the teen milf". they're always immature, perverted, and obnoxious when i walk by. they say things like there's one mother i'd like to fck! or sweetie why don't you fck me. i'm probably much better in bed than the father and i won't get you pregnant either.

    i hate it so much. i want to cry everyday when i come home. but i try and be strong because i know that as much as it sucks, someone else out there has it worse. i have a caring family, a loving boyfriend (even though he's not in my school anymore =[), supportive friends (at my old school of course), and a gorgeous and amazing son to come home to<3 so i'm sucking it up and ignoring all the @ssholes there.

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    Don't worry about it. If you want to talk extra, then you can always email mee. =]

    But.. honestly, I went / am going through the same thing.

    Its not exactly the homework , but I do understand what you mean.

    Its mainly just my school.

    They're very rasict.. and they're ALL so social, it makes me so out. Normally I need practically a month to be able to open up and meet new friends. But these people already have cliques.

    I dont have any classes with my best friend. And she hates the school so much shes transfering.

    My other best friend is catching up with her friends from her old school... and she ditched me, big time. But the wierd thing is.. I've stopped carring. Like, before I almost cried when I knew we were drifting apart, but now.. I honestly don't care.

    Last night, I visted my elementary school, and while walking through the halls i remembered every single memmorie there was.

    I started crying, because I used to say how much I hated it there, but now highschool has just made everything harder.

    I'm positive that being in this highschool won't make me happier. But I'm also sure that If i transfer, it'll juust be the same.

    And When i finally decided to talk to a boy, he walked away in the middle of my conversation. :\

    Don't worry.. you're not the only one having a horrible school week so far..

    All i can say is: hang in there. everything WILL get better. Time will heal it.

    Even if it takes four years,to become seniors, we WILL have our time to shine =]

    And abbout your teacher, just try to get on her good side. OR.. you could tryto switch your class. Your friend should have known better, and your other friend isnt a true one if shes just ditching you like that.

    Good luck to you, I hope you have a better year than I'm having =]

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    Yea ik how you feel.


    my teachers are stupid and im in 9th grade taking 10th and 11th grade courses. The teachers r stupid and get mad when you get something wrong. I dont have too many friends and i tend to keep to myself and ive been extremely stressed out and thus resulting to me doing stupid things... but try and either branch out or make new friends. join clubs or sports. you can make a ton of friends just there. Forget about your old friends that seem really annoying. As for the school work, maybe try and ask for the work a day in advance. IF you cant do that go to your guidance counselor and ask if she can find time to give you a study hall. If you already have a study hall try and get some of your homework done in there or go into ur classes and get extra help during that time.

    hope i helped ♥ im sure it will get better.

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    aww huun (: i am soo sorry.

    i would love to give you a hug!

    you can always email me if you want [=


    for homework- the best thing to do is ORGANIZE! do some in class, lunch, study hall, that will ease up. And when your teacher recovers from swine flu and comes back you can tell the teacher what happened.

    for your teacher yelling @ you- that's happened to me before, i just let it slide though. you should too, your day won't be as stressful.

    for friends - your friend who is ditching you is not your true friend, but before you break off all ties try and confront her and be like "hey, why don't you hang out with me and ___ anymore?" she'll either lie or tell you why. If you know she's lying she is not a true friend. join clubs/sports that interest you! trust me you'll make alot of friends!

    (you should join at least 2-3 xlubs!) you'd probably make like 30 friends ahah lol!


    my day - it was really good, yesterday was horrible :(

    don't worry hun everyone has their days were they feel like crap.

    hope you feel better[=

    feel free to contact me!

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    Go out and talk to other people in your classes and stuff. Make some new friends. There's nothing you can do about your homework BUT you can go tell your teacher what happened with you and your friend(the part where she came to your desk and started being loud). Forget your other friend if she thinks she's to good for you the you're the one to good for her.

    It was ok.

  • I know it is so effed up. My day sucked just like yours. I pushed all my friends away to be with my boyfriend and now me and my boyfriend broke up. I had no one to sit with at luch except my best friend because she is awesome. I started to cry during lunch. Because I just couldn't do it. I hate it. Now I have a paragraph to memorize for Ag tomorrow.

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    aww hun dont stress...its not that bad my bestfriends since 9th grade one day got closer than me and each of them (i introduce them) they ditch and the one that i made friends with 1st told me she never considered me one but she called me it first you win some you lose some as for your teacher try to explain the situation and trust it gets better your only in the 9th or 10th

    p.s. 9th grade everyone is gettting to know eachother

    10th grade they show their true colors

    11th you find your true friends

    12th grade your like **** the others from 9th and 10th

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    My day was really good.

    I always eat lunch alone, I think some people hangout with me out of pity but I hate trailing around with them, it makes my feel stalkerish.

    I'm kinda used to doing that.

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    My day was allot like yours. Its not all algebra, but my god i have tons of HW. and i have this friend who is just pissing me off. She thinks all of our lives have to stop just to focus on hers.

    ugh. and my mom might loose her job. and i swear my dad is on some weird drug bc he's all slow and tbh slightly retarded.


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