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Why does Obama disagree with Jimmy Carter on race issue?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's spokesman publicly disagreed with former President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday over Carter's contention that some conservative opposition to Obama is based on race.

"The president does not think it is based on the color of his skin," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters.

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What do you think of this??

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    Well what is he doing to flat out say some people dislike him for his race? Could you imagine the reaction to that?

    The fact is that some people do hate him and everything he does because of his race. There are racist people. There are people who hate black people. That is life, you can pretend otherwise that color does not matter and to most people it doesn't but there are people who think that way and that is what Carter was speaking about, not the average conservative opposition to Obama.

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    President Obama is wrong on a lot of things, but he still has class. I disagree with him on healthcare, the stimulus package, and a lot of other things, but he won't lower himself to that level just like I won't call him a Nazi. I still respect the man even though I disagree with him, and his disagreement with Jimmy Carter just reinforces that.

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    I think I found one thing that I do agree with Obama on. Just because people disagree with the President does not mean that they are racists. It means that people who are trying to defend his positions no longer can so they blame it on racism.

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    why does Obama have to agree with Jimmy Carter.

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    I agree with Carter. Obama had to say what he did.

    If you don't believe that a significant group of people believe that no black should be president, just read a few of the posts on this website.

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    He does not want the right to call him a race baiter, smart man indeed.

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    He doesn't agree because he is racist.

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