has anyone here been to a Psycho Hospitable?

Has anyone here been to one and what was it like if you weren't a Psychopath person.

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  • sure.
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    1 decade ago


    If you mean a Psychiatric Hospital, I have. For like 3 days.

    I got caught with drugs on campus in high school, so in order ot be able to return I had to spend 72 hours in a rehab facility. However, no nearby rehab facilities accepted minors, so I was sent there.

    Out of the 15 people I had staying in my wing of the hospital (the juvenile wing) I'd say maybe 2 were actually crazy. The rest either had drug problems, were depressed, or they were rich kids whose parents sent them there so they didn't have to deal with them. Juvenile Psych Wards are way different from Adult Psych Wards. The juveniles are forced to go, so regardless of condition, they have to. The adults can't be forced (except by law) to go and as long as they sign a sheet of paper, they can leave whenever,

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    i wuz for like a week n a half cuz my therapist thought i wuz ganna kill myself but i WUZNT! the one i was ok i guess? its like a nursing home but you got shitty showers,beds and you got cams everwhere. i swear to god i could never know wat time it was? they never told u. but during the day thay wake u up at seven n u eat (nothing sharp) spoons only, after that thy hav u do some packet i think? the rest of the day u do nothing. u do some kined of tharaphy like art or music, that wuz f-up. lunch sucked. u do 2to3 hrs of school (easy stuff). if ur lucky u got to go to the gym wich is half court of nothingness. dinner n a couple more hrs of doin nothin then u go 2 bed. when u sleep thy usually lock u in wit ur roomate but since they thought i tryed to commit scucide i had this hugh black guy infront of my door the night. thats pretty much it. it sucked so bad.

    Source(s): im 15 and went there 3 weeks ago. and dudes im not f-up. my freakin tharapist overeacted.
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