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About how many shots of vodka would my body be able to handle?

I'm a female, about 5'7" and around 130 pounds. About how many shots of vodka would I be able to handle without getting completely wasted/puking off of 80 proof (40%) vodka?

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    Here are some factors that you must consider:

    1.) Have you eaten yet or are you drinking with food?

    2.) Are you mixing the vodka with anything else?

    3.) Do you have a lot of fat on your body?

    4.) Are you taking any medication or other drugs?

    5.) In what time frame are you taking the shots?

    6.) Are you a heavy drinker?

    If you eat food, it will slow the absorption of the alcohol. Same idea if you are drinking a mixed drink, although people say that carbonation can make you absorb alcohol faster (that remains to be proven). If you have a lot of fat on your body, you can be affected more by the alcohol because it is stored in fat and released more slowly. (Thus, your body takes longer to fully process it.) If you are taking any prescription or illegal drugs, it may make you affected much faster. If you are taking all of the shots in a row, then you are gonna be wasted. Usually the liver can process about one ounce of 80 proof alcohol per hour. If you drink a lot (or often) usually, then you will be able to handle more alcohol. I would say if you take 3 shots in an hour, you will probably be drunk but not throw up. I would not recommend more than that.

    Source(s): Knowledge from personal experience and biology classes
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    depends on your tolerance (by the question, i assume that this will be your FIRST experience with vodka?)

    also depends on what you ate that day (pasta will make you able to drink more/ less odds of hangover/ etc- dieting all day and drinking on an empty stomach will make you stupid)

    be careful- have mixed drinks, not shots... and pace yourself with a glass of water every two drinks (if someone says anything about it, explain that you learned long ago that a glass of water every two drinks helps prevent hangovers- it does, and then you can't be called a wimp or something if that is what concerns you)... and remember that you will start to feel drunk while drinking- but it takes some time for your drunkenness to catch up with what you are drinking- if you are on your third drink and feeling drunk, you are JUST getting the effects of the FIRST drink (metabolism- look it up) and the other two still have to get to your head... so if you start feeling it at three, stop for a while so that #2 and #3 can get to you- if you keep drinking, you may get to puking before you know it...



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    20 shots

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    NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION. it depends on the state of your liver

    your levels of alcohol dehydrogenase which breaks down alcohol and your fat/muscle ratio.

    You'll just have to go trial and error for now.

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    It could probably handle one or two providing you're not driving or expecting.

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    depends on how often you drink really

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