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During football today, my knee popped and popped back in.?

i was playin football (im 178 pounds, 9 % body fat, im pretty built and in shape). and i was about to get a fumble but i tried to stop wrong, and i felt my knee pop out, and pop back in. and now it's 3 hours later and it's gettin really hard to move it. I know i didn't dislocate it cause it's back in place, but it does feel kinda loose. im puttin ice on it.. can you guys tell me, if it's just my tendons under stress since they were yanked outa place and pulled back in? or do u think i ripped a tendon. I have no trouble putting weight on it straight down. but squating and stuff does give me pain.

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    tell your parents you should be ok if they take you to the doctor tell the coach you leg is jacked up if its that bad

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