here are the problems i have left:

(and x is an "x" NOT a multiplication sign!) o and the dash button doesnt work :P

27x3 (minus) 8y2

8x3 (minus) 9y3

27a3 (minus) 16

(a (minus) b)3 (minus) b3

a3 + (a+b)3

help me with one or more, and please show me how to do it! I also have a HUGE TEST on it 2morro!!!! :0

dont call me stupid, i have had other work to do


*** hole. obviously U are in 1st grade reading, because u didnt read the part where i said its not a multiplication sign, its a variable. dumbass!

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    What grade? I won't give you the answers but just remember that you do everything in parantheses first, then mult. and division, then finally add + subtract. Also, if you have variables like a*3, don't write a3 write 3a or if you were trying to write a^3, make that clear. I don't know why you can't do something as simple as this but lolz.

    Source(s): 6th grade math?
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