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what do you think of these horses?

okay i like the sound of both of these buys and we are going to go check them out tomorrow, the morgan/QH is blind tho in one eye.


i have been riding for almost a year an we are looking to buy my first horse

Update 3:

exuse me but i have been riding for that long i just never got around to it till i was older, but truth be told i have been taking care iof and grooming horses my whole life and both my parents grew up with horses and would like to buy some for them and me.

Update 4:

the only reason i never actually got around to riding for so long was that my mom didnt want me to get hurt riding because she had a killer horse, but i took care of my neighbors horses and everything

Update 5:

i ride 2 to 3 times a week and i live on my own farm and i really need a horse.

o and ms sarahem, stop being so nasty about me not getting a horse because we are getting some this fall no matter what, i just wanted 2 know what you thought of these 2 horses.

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  • charm
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    I just don't know what to tell you from the advertisement. They sound like they could be anything-- either good or bad.

    I would go, ride them, and get them checked by a vet or trainer for soundness and health. Questions to ask or things to do when you see them would be:

    1. See what happens if you separate one from the other, or take one trail riding alone.

    2. Do everything with each one that you could possibly ever want to do with them. Barrels, trails, pleasure, groom, run clippers around them, pick up their feet, mess with their udder (to see if they are nasty about being handled), rub their ears...

    3. Ask for medical records. What shots did they get, when did they get them?

    4. Put them in the horse trailer, and back them off. Tie them both.

    5. Bring your own tack, if you have it, so you know if your saddles fit the mares.

    6. Some blind horses are fine to handle, and some are not-- see which category the one eyed mare falls into.

    Most of all, good luck in your horse shopping! :)

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    Ok Im just going to say a few things.

    If you've only been riding a few years then you are not ready for a horse that is blind. That can make a horse dangerous if you are not prepared.

    Also from the sound of those two horses on craigslist they sound great but thats the thing. Just because they sound great doesn't mean they are.

    Heres what to do.

    1. Get a trainer, Instructer, Show person, vet, somebody that has been around horses a long time and will be non biased to go with you.

    2. Ask for the horses to be left in the pen for you to catch. If they are hard to catch thats not really a big deal but if they say easy to catch then obviously they lied.

    3. Tack the horse yourself and groom.

    4. Work the horse on the ground then if you are comfortable ride him. Put them through all their paces. If ou feel safe ask to ride in a pasture.

    My friend got a horse that acted PERFECT in the round pen as soon as we got him in a bigger area he acted nuts. Wouldn't stop or listen.

    5. Check the horse for anything weird like if they act sleepy or if they look kinda out of it steer clear people need money now a days and will do anything to sell a horse.

    6. DO NOT buy a horse because it is pretty. EVER.

    7. Make sure the horse is the right size for you. If you plan to show make sure they can do what you need them too.

    8. Get a vet to check it for anything. Called a pre purchase exam.

    9. Make sure they have a return policy and give you at least 30 days to return the horse for a full refund. or else do not buy. means something is wrong with the horse.

    Also I agree with Sarah. Ive seen people buy their kids horses or horses for themselves that have little to no experience with horses and they end up getting hurt or the horse gets hurt or sent to the slaughter house. Now if you have been around horses for a long time and you have basic knowledge and have people around that can help you and you get a BROKE horse then you should do fine.

    Real horse people know when to say no and walk away. People that just want a horse really bad will buy any horse they have the opportunity to get because they just want a horse. With knowledge comes power. Make sure you have the knowledge before you get a horse so you will have the power.

    You wouldn't apply to be a manager at a car dealership before you have the knowledge to be successful would you? Dont get so hasty that you apply for more than you can handle.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!

  • Angela
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    If you are smart, observent, and willing to ask questions when you need help, you'll do fine! I know people who have been riding for 10 years who really shouldn't be allowed to own horses, and some brand new horse owners who are fantastic. Just get to know your horses and be observant. Don't hesitate to call your vet or ask a more experienced horse person the FIRST INSTANT you even suspect something might be wrong. Lots of new horse owners get into trouble because they wait too long to ask a question until a minor problem has turned into a major disaster. There are lots of good books and websites to learn more about horses. So, congratulations on finally getting your own horses!

    Ok, about the ad on craigslist. It's really hard to tell much from an ad. Some sellers flat out lie, others are completely delusional. They will advertise the horse that's bucked them off 100 times as being kid-safe. Those horses sound worth looking at, especially the morgan. The Arab/appy cross I'm a bit concerned with. Barrel horses can be rather excitable, and often Arabians do not make the best beginner horses. But it totally depends on the individual horse.

    When you go to look at horses, make sure you have the owners ride the horses first. I've been riding my whole life, and I still always go by this rule. If they make excuses why they can't get on, don't you dare get on yourself. It's an accident waiting to happen! If possible, look for horses that have been ridden by beginners before. A horse ridden by a professional trainer may be 100% obedient and wonderful when you try it out, but once you buy the horse and it learns that it can get away with things with you that the former owner never would have allowed, the horse may turn out to be way more difficult than you expected.

    You want to look for things like: bombproof, anyone can ride, child-safe, former lesson horse, great for beginners, trustworthy, etc. Also, if the horse is an easy keeper and can go barefoot, it will be cheaper and easier to care for.

    It's a good idea to buy a horse that is used to living in the type of environment you would provide. If you expect your horses to live outside most of the time, you don't want to buy one that's used to living in a stall in a heated barn because it may not adapt well to your place.

    If possible, have an experienced horseperson go with you to try out horses you are thinking of buying. They might be able to spot potential tricks that unscrupulous sellers might use. Good luck!

    Source(s): Professional barn manager and instructor.
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    Is there supposed to be links??


    I think the blind one sounds good, but the other one is a barrel horse - barrel horses tend to be hot. The blind one is advertised as a beginner's horse, but sometimes you have to be extra careful around blind horses.

    Whether or not you are ready or not depends on how MUCH you have been riding/working with horses in the year you have been riding. Did you ride and care for horses every day? Or did you ride once a month? It really makes a difference.

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  • ?
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    The first one sounds sort of ok. There really isn't enough information in their ad to know if it's a good horse or not. You'll have to try out the horse to know if it's good for you or not. If you can keep it for a few days on trial that's always good too. Try looking on some sites other than craigslist for horses like this one below.

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    Almost a year.

    I'll let someone else give you the speech.

    You have NO EXPERIENCE.

    As blunt as that sounds it's true.

    You should not be buying a horse.

    Its unfair to the animal.

  • Anonymous
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    Hahaa, Wait is this a question?


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