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What turns off guys ?

What are turnoffs for guys ?

Ex. bad kissing ? being a lil chubby ? bush ? etc.

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    Different things really, all guys have preferences, however I'm certain that many of them will agree with the list below. I am not a guy, but I do have a lot of male friends who usually discuss these turns offs:

    Bad Breath: No one likes bad this is an obvious one.

    Women who are high maintenance: They don't want to put up with someone that is difficult to please.

    A girl that's stronger than them: Guys are generally pretty macho, so the idea of someone being able to overpower them can be a blow to their ego.

    Body hair: Guys especially seem creeped out by upper lip hair.

    A girl that wears too much make up: Guys don't like girls who look like clowns.

    Girls who have too many guy friends: Guys are more emotional than society gives them credit for. a girl with too many guy friends can make them jealous.

    Source(s): I am a relationship writer! This is an excellent idea for my column. Guy turn offs and girl turn offs.
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    Poor hygiene, poor manners, insecurity(nagging) and being ''needy.''

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    Being annoying, or rude, or naggy, farting, and burping

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    well a turn off for me would be cocky, self-entered, dirty, and smelly. :P

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    Girls that are BOSSY

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