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my 7 year old male dog is trying to have sex with my 2 month old female puppy.?

He is not fixed. He acts like a pedafile, he is old and has gray hair and is all over my new little puppy. I want him to stop this filthy behavior. Is it normal for my old dog to want a puppy, because i just think it is gross.

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    A. A male dog will not try to mate a female not in heat. There is no way he is trying to breed her.

    B. Animals do not mate for sexual enjoyment.

    C. Animals act on instinct, they do not 'desire' a puppy.

    D. If he is humping her, it is a sign of dominance.

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    It is not possible for a dog to be a paedophile (learn to spell!). A paedophile is somebody who has sex with someone under the legal age of consent but as dogs do not have a legal age of consent and cannot be hurt emotionally by abusive sex like people can, paedophilia does not exist. A dog is aroused by another female dog that is of mating age (usually 6 months or above) and despite the fact that the dog may still be a puppy in that she is not fully developed, she is capable of pregnancy and whelping and that is all dogs are interested in. If most human beings still operated on the instinctive levels that animals do, girls that have only just started their period would be having sex, simply because she would be physically and biologically able to get pregnant. Age wouldn't matter.

    Considering this pup is not of mating age, it is probably just that he is asserting his dominance over and nothing else.

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    Well you shouldn't let your 7 year old have puppies with the 2 month year old because the puppy is to young to have puppies. You shouldn't think that it's nasty because in dogs eyes they are all the same and they don't go by age or if the female dog is in heat then they will try to have puppies.

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    He is not trying to have sex...Dogs do not have sex, they breed and only when the female is in heat. What your noticing is a dominance behavior, you older male is establishing an alpha role in the pack, this is normal. Correct him calmly and he will get the message sooner or later that you prefer he not hump the pup..

    If you don't get them both fixed, sooner or later he will be breeding her, as soon as she is in heat, so please don't allow that to happen because she will be too young and it could be really bad for her to whelp a litter of pups before she is 2 years old. She will have her first heat sometime between 6 months and 1 year old. Get your male neutered and your female spayed as soon as possible.

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    Perhaps your pet is trying to figure out what it is? Or groom. If not use the same habit breaking rules for dogs humping people/objects. Google breaking dog humping . You could have your dog fixed?

    If the dog likes being with you/family, immediately remove to outdoors or another room for short period every time behavior occurs. Also, be sure you are giving older male dog attention for appropriate behavior and that it is not all attention is going to the new baby? Ya know what I mean? good luck, susan

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    its probably not about actually mating. Since this is a new puppy and you've had the other dog for some time, its probably a dominance thing. Your dog is letting the puppy know who is boss. It will look like humping/mating but no actual sex act is performed.

    Good luck!

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    He doesn't *want* her, he is showing dominance over her. I've got a great idea for you: Why don't you have her spayed before he really does want her? If you think this is gross, just wait until the *old man* gets your 6 month old pup pregnant. Unless he is in ill health, have him neutered, as well. It's not too late, ya know!

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    You should have your male dog neutered, because if you don't, down the road, he will have trouble with his anal glands.

    You will have a large vet bill.

    The problem is too much testosterone.

    Please spay and neuter.

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    Yes its totally normal for a male dog to have relations with anything he can specially another dog. what i recomend you to do is to separate them until the poppy is older that way you could manage to see if the poppy want it or not, if it doesnt want it it will not let the male have sex with it. you are welcome.

    Source(s): I have 9 dogs.
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