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what shampoo can i use if i have dark purple hair? so it wont fade it!?

people keep asking if my hairs dark brown with blonde and purple highlights and im like ugh no!!!!!!!! gosh!!!!!!!!

i hate for the bleach blonde to show cause i feel like my hair doesnt look right!

ugh i've tried herbal essences color me happy! and that takes out the purple too!!!

im tired of buying more purple coloring and keep redying it!!!

help please!!!!!

thanks :)

or even some like tricks to use with the shampoo im using to keep it from fading

cause i know lots of ya'll have tricks lol

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    Nearly every brand has a colour lock shampoo and conditioner, so your best off working your way though them to find a good one. I used Tresemme colour lock shampoo and conditioner when i had black hair, it works pretty good.

    Purple is as bad as red for fading, so it's always going to be tough to keep it vibrant.

    Look into Bumble and bumble hair powder, im not sure if they do one in purple, but go on their website and find out

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    You want one that will colour-lock your hair.

    Shampoos that are specific for colour-locking reduce fading a lot more than regular shampoos. Garnier has Colour-Lock shampoos available which work quite well.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
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