Why does the ACC have the best competition but doesnt get much attention?

Have you ever considered the ACC being the best conference in NCAA football? Unless you like a team in it, probably not. I for one think that it has the best competition. The best team in the conference can lose to the worst on any given day. By far it has the most evenly matched teams. So anyone have any idea why people don't give it as much attention as say the BIG 12 of SEC or even the treacherous BIG ten?


Honestly I'm trying to start a conversation. GA tech isn't bad either they played LSU in a bowl last year. I'm just saying its games in the ACC that are more likely to come down the the wire and its an interesting conference because the good teams change every once and a while. Look at Miami... they played in the national championship some years back and had a drought until beating FSU this year.... I just think its a place of good competition and good football just doesnt get air time like other conferences. LSU vs LA-Lafayette is on this weekend. Its gonna be a blowout. But these close games don't even get on TV.

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    To be honest, the ACC is awful this year. The ACC is about even with the Big East. The CAA, a I-AA conference has a 2-1 record over you this year. You have Virginia who was blown out by William and Mary, Duke lost to Richmond, Maryland was taken to overtime by James Madison and should have lost, and Florida State, one of your better teams, strugglied mightily to beat Jacksonville State 19-9, needing a 12 point fourth quarter rally to come back from a 9-7 defecit that lasted most of the game. Jacksonville State is from the Ohio Valley conference, the same conference as Eastern Kentucky, the team that Indiana was made fun of for struggling to beat 19-13. If you want to talk about the Big 10 being bad, Indiana, a team that the entire "treacherous" Big 10 will be beating up on to pad their conference wins this year, would probably finish about 6th in the ACC. Like Cincinatti is the only good team in the Big East (it was West Virginia until RichRod bolted, you know I bet Syracuse wins 8 games this year because of bad Big East competition, even though they're only moderately improved from the Greg Robinson era), Virginia Tech and Boston College are the entire ACC. Last year, I might have agreed with you, the ACC was okay. Key word, just okay, and VT did beat Cincy (but they only got to the Orange Bowl because Boston College did their ritualistic choke-job despite beating VT earlier in the year). But the conference is bad this year. I normally wouldn't have written it this way but you seem to think the Big 10 is as awful as the media says it is. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, you know.

    Now, about the other conferences, the Big 12 is overrated badly. We saw that with Texas fighting to beat Wyoming before pulling away, Wyoming led 10-6 at one point. Houston beat Oklahoma State at home (who was being hyped up as world beaters for blowing out Georgia from the OMG ESS EEE SEE), Oklahoma lost to BYU (not embarrassing, but it is if you're the Big XII's best team and it's a home game). Gotta give BYU credit for that one though, they showed toughness. The SEC is a paper tiger, LSU nearly lost to Washington (who just struggled to beat Idaho for their first win since 2007). Ole Miss needed to run up the score late to hide the fact that they were in a dogfight with Memphis for 3 1/2 quarters. Florida struggled early with Troy before pulling away to win 56-6. Impressive, right? Not so fast, Troy the week before lost to Bowling Green 31-14.

    Honestly, I don't think any BCS conference looks good this year. And as I said before, I wouldn't have picked on the ACC had you not bashed the Big 10, the conference my Nittany Lions play in, but to be honest the Big 10, the Pac-10, and the SEC are the only ones that look alright this year. The Big XII is a fraud top to bottom, and the Big East and ACC are worse than usual. Did you know that Louisville only beat Indiana State 30-10, one of the worst I-AA teams in existance?

    EDIT because of our special friend Orangeblood: I think you're the one who needs to "buy a clue", but unforuntately for you, it's not as easy as buying a vowel on Wheel of Fortune. So let me educate you a bit before you come up with another fourth grade putdown.

    Yes Texas beat Wyoming 41-10, but did you only look at the final score? It was 10-6 at one point in the second, and it was 13-10 at halftime. Yes, that's really impressive. Let me guess, Wyoming is suddenly a good team, right? Come on, Penn State (who you made fun of for "only" beating Syracuse 28-7 after building up a 28-0 lead) even had a better halftime lead than that, even a better lead after one quarter.

    Ohio State did struggle against Navy (a decent team), but they also only lost to USC 15-18. Now I guess you'll say USC is worse than Navy. If you do that, you lose all credibility and prove that maybe you really ARE a fouth grader.

    Yeah, Iowa beat Northern Iowa in a Lackadaisical 17-16 game, but then they woke up and smacked Iowa State 35-3. Iowa State also lost to Northern Iowa in the past. So that means Northern Iowa would pound Iowa State nearly as bad?

    Penn State blew out Syracuse 28-7 with a five star prospect who took the basketball route playing QB, if you know abouthing about Paulus it's that he was a natural at football but chose basketball. You should have used the Minnesota example of them struggling to beat Syracuse if you wanted to make your point. And also, Syracuse's 7 points came from our second string QB turning the ball over on the drive after forcing an Orange three and out and then scoring against our backup defense. This one wasn't as close as the score. But I guess it didn't impress you because it wasn't a 63-42 game..

    Yeah, Central Michigan did beat Michigan State. That one surprised me. But the MAC isn't the joke you think it is, Bowling Green almost beat Missouri. And I don't get what you're trying to say with the Illini bit, anyone who knows about the Illini beyond the soundbites knows that they weren't going to be that good this year. All they have is Juce Williams and Rejus Benn. They have no O-line, no defense, and are looking to finish 2-10 or maybe 3-9.

    Now, let's look at how the Big XII has done lately.

    Missouri hung on to beat Bowling Green 27-20. Real impressive.

    Oklahoma State lost 45-35 at home to Houston, and it would have been even uglier had Okie State not had one good quarter.

    Oklahoma bounced back from losing to BYU (not shameful, but Oklahoma is the Big XII's best team) to turn Idaho State into a punching bag. I'm really impressed.

    Kansas State beat UMass, a I-AA team similar to Maine, 21-17. Am I supposed to be impressed? Then they lost to the UL-Lafayette Rajin Cajuns 17-15. This is typically a middle of the pack Big XII north team.

    Colorado lost to Colorado State 17-23 (a bad MWC team) and then was blown out by Toledo 54-38. That same Toledo who lost 52-31 to Purdue, who is supposed to suck.

    As I showed with these bullet points, both the Big XII north and south have looked suspect this year. Before you start bashing the Big 10, take a look at your own conference. Those who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones, you know. And the glass hose known as the Big XII has quite a lot of holes in it from rocks named Bowling Green, Wyoming (if you want to call the 41-10 win a success, then you should also call the 28-7 PSU win over Syracuse a success), Houston, BYU, Colorado State, Iowa (who you made fun of for the NIU game), Toledo, UMass, and UL-Lafayette.

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    Because half of the conference is decent and half of the conference is bad...

    Very good to Decent-Miami, BC, Florida State, Wake Forest, VA Tech

    Average to Bad-Duke, UNC, NC State, Clemson, GA Tech, VA

    Thats not exactly a POWER conference...The SEC and Big 10 are the best conferences in football, top to bottom...

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    The ACC gets plenty of attention during basketball season.


    Enough Said!


    Matthew - Texas beat Wyoming 41-10. That's pretty close to a blow out in my book but what should I expect from a conference that doesn't know how to count (Little 11).

    Ohio St 31 - Navy 27

    Iowa 17 - Northern Iowa 16

    Penn St 28 - Syracuse 7 (with a point guard at QB)

    Central Michigan 29 - Michigan St 27

    Mizzou 37 - Illinois 9 (my personal favorite)

    Buy a clue before talking smack.

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    The ACC is NOT the best conference in the NCAA. I know everybody says that the SEC is the best, but its absolutely the truth.

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    the sec is by far the best no matter what but since my miami hurricanes r n the acc along with florida state gt virgina tech clemson and most of the time another dark horse team i must say they r a top notch conference

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    Because It usually just recognizes the good teams in there... not the whole conference (the whole conference is HUGE)

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    because the teams suck

    having the best competition is just another way of saying no good teams...all average to bad


    duke lost to richmond, virginia lost to W&M, maryland won in overtime vs. jmu

    remember these are division 2 schools

    Source(s): UVA FAN. GO HOOS!!!
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    How come you're a SpEd?

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