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Is my chicken jealous?

One of our two Brahma hens seems to like me. She always comes up to greet me when I enter the back yard. She follows me around. She always loves it when I pick her up and pet her.

Lately this week she's been aggressive though. But it's only when I pay attention to any of the other hens. If I'm petting one of the other hens, she'll come right on up to peck them. Then if I HOLD another chicken, she charges me and tries to peck my feet!! Then she stops when I put the one I'm holding down. Today I was holding our Araucana hen. Then when I put her down, the Brahma came right up and started attacking her!! I had to pick her up to get her to stop!!

Is the Brahma hen getting jealous? Or is it something else?

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    BAHAHAHA jealous chiken. sorry but makes me laugh. I had baby chicks once,, as pets. And one of them was close to me and the other two usually stuck together. The chicken that was close to me always went crazy when I sspent too much time with the others so yeah, yours is prolly as well

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    yes she is jealous animals are smart

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