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How's my fantasy team?

QB... Brees..............Backup Edwards

RB... Slaton, Forte....... Backups Mcfadden/Addai

WR.. S. Holmes, V. Jackson, S. Moss... Backups D. Hester, P. Harvin

TE... Kellen winslow or Dustin Keller either or

FLEX. C. Johnson (ten.)

K... N. Folk

Def... Chicago bears

What do you's think? I won week one obviously, but not b/c of slaton/johnson and forte, thats for sure

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    Your WRs are a little soft, but not that soft. You have 2-4 first round players (Brees/Forte are solid 1sts, Johnson/Slaton are a little more erratic but sometimes go that high). For you to get them all implies you must play in a very weak league. I'm not a huge fan of the rest of your team, but that advantage at the top is almost criminal, so who cares.


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    If you won I guess Brees helped out a little, eh?

    I think it's a solid team but the receivers are a little shaky. And I'm not sold on the Bears for any fantasy reasons this year. I think the Cutler deal will ruin that team.

    PS - sit Forte and play McFadden this week...???

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    U got a good team i rate a 8.5/10 u need another decent defense since urlacher is out and wen they have a bye week. Maybe trade a rb(addai or mcfadden).

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    pick up a defense and youll be good

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    idk how you got all three of those rb's along with brees at qb.

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